Minister of Justice Amarasiri Dodangoda of Sri Lanka

Dodangoda said that the Justice Ministry s performance report for 2006 -2007 proved Rajapakshe s claims baseless.
Amarasiri Dodangoda is one of the honest and loyalist minister in the country.
Dodangoda is a shameless, unpricipled, good for nothing, scumbug minister from the south who is begging keeling in front of MR for his portfolio.
The memorandum which was presented on behalf of Justice Minister Amarasiri Dodangoda was aimed at bringing back the draconian piece of legislation which had been scrapped from the law in 2004 after intense agitation by the Editor’s Guild, other media groups and civic action movements.
Minister Amarasiri Dodangoda said that some people who are displaced after the tsunami have complained that they have not received any relief so far from the Government.
Minister Dodangoda said it was the duty of the officials to provide relief to those people who deserve such assistance, if there has been any omission on the part of the officials due to heavy work, they should see that it is rectified within a week.
Court Judges at a total cost of Rs.
In a paper to the Cabinet, Justice and Law Reforms Minister Amarasiri Dodangoda has stated approval had been given by Cabinet for the purchase of 27 Toyota Corolla 1600cc motor cars from Toyota Lanka (Pvt) Ltd.
Amarasiri Dodangoda had proposed to appoint a committee to inquire into the incident.