Minister of Trade, Marketing Development, Cooperatives, and Consumer Affairs Bandula Gunawardena of Sri Lanka

protect the local paddy cultivator.
Since the LTTE has not laid down the arms, bombs will blast in every village and the whole country will return to blood-shed, the Rural Industries Minister and Deputy Finance Minister Bandula Gunawardena said addressing a seminar for UNP local politicians in Kandy on Sunday (19.
Responding to a point raised by a participant that some newspapers were propagating against the peace process of the government, Bandula Gunawardena said that the objective of holding seminars and meetings islandwide by the UNF was to educate the masses as a counter-action for the media.
Gunawardena said in a telephone interview today.
The UPFA government`s Budget presented on Tuesday was the biggest fraud perpetrated on the people of this country and it has totally rejected the Mahinda Chintanaya, UNP front liner and finance spokesman Bandula Gunawardena said yesterday.
Gunawardena said in the face of imminent defeat at the Presidential elections the government had acted in breach of parliamentary conventions by presenting this budget and was trying to deceive the people.
Gunawardena said although the farmers were promised a bag of fertilizer at Rs.
Gunawardena said that along with the Budget Mr.
Mr Gunawardena said that the UPFA had discussions for more than 11 months before its setting up but they did not have the answers to the burning issues.
Bandula Gunawardena is one who has always backed up his arguments with FACTS and FIGURES that none had been able to disprove so far in most of the debates he participates in.
Consumer Affairs Minister Bandula Gunawardena says the price of cement has been reduced by Rs.
Meanwhile, speaking to the media today, Consumer Affairs Minister Bandula Gunawardena said gas prices would be reduced from November 01st.
However speaking to The Morning Leader, Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister Bandula Gunawardena denied the disaster in Myanmar would have any impact and said rice importation will continue as planned.
When asked whether the floods and cyclone have affected the stock of rice, Gunawardena said that the Sri Lankan mission in Myanmar has confirmed that the stock has not been affected due to the torrential rains, but declined to say as to when the country could expect the rice from Burma.
When asked whether there would still be a possibility of a rice shortage in Colombo, Minister Gunawardena said that all retail traders would be encouraged to purchase their bulk stocks from the Narahenpita centre as the 12 mill owners have assured to provide an uninterrupted supply to the Narahenpita special economic centre.
Minister of Trade and Commerce Bandula Gunawardena has said he is contemplating legal action against the journalists who criticise the high gas prices! What a brainwave! He is of the considered view that criticism against gas prices amounts to contempt of Court as gas prices are being determined according to a price formula approved by the Supreme Court.
Minister Gunawardena is duty bound to order an investigation and find the culprit or culprits.
Minister Gunawardena has also said the ministry always listens to the media and that the Consumer Affairs Authority (CAA) has always been concerned about complaints lodged by consumers and conducted raids on errant trade establishments.
Gunawardena had three hours of talks with LTTE Tamil Tiger Terrorists after the so-called "Bogus Peace Offer" which leads to destroy the Sinhela Nation.
Recently, Consumer Affairs Minister Bandula Gunawardena said that rising price of rice couldnt be stopped even if Sakkas Son Vima, who is omnipotent, intervened in it.
Consumer Affairs Minister Bandula Gunawardena has ruled out an increase of milk food prices during this year.
The whole nation has realized an incontrovertible truth that Bandula Gunawardena has turned out to be a successful magician though he is an unsuccessful politician.