Minister of Constitutional Affairs and National Integration D. E. W. Gunasekara of Sri Lanka

Minister of constitutional affairs Dew Gunasekara said that he appreciated the efforts of the president to resolve the national problem though a common agreement.
COIMBATORE: A new democratic, national alliance of Tamil parties will emerge soon, Sri Lankan Minister for Constitutional Affairs and National Integration Dew Gunasekara said here on Sunday.
Gunasekara said this had to be resolved by the governments of both countries.
a part of the terrorist outfit, like Sampanthan and his TNA colleagues.
and not touch them even with a long pole.
Constitutional Affairs Minister Dew Gunasekara is accusing the main opposition of not extending any support for the establishment of the independent election commission.
Gunasekara said the Tiger leader’s statement was ‘positive’ but that the government did not take the deadline seriously.
Sri Lanka Communist Party Secretary Dew Gunasekara was one of the participants and the leader of the left-wing Democratic Front Vasudewa Nanayakara, as well as members of the administration of the Friendship Association and National Committee of Solidarity with Cuba.