Minister of Supplementary Crops Development Dharmadasa Banda of Sri Lanka

He is not a mature politician and his son has brought discredit to the government,` Supplementary Crop Development Deputy Minister Dharmadasa Banda said at a media conference organised by the UNP Democratic Group at Seth Sevana yesterday.
Banda said that the UNP Democratic Group would apologise for the insulting remarks made by the Opposition leader Ranil Wickremesinghe against the Chamber of Commerce.
Supplementary Plantation Crop Development Minister Dharmadasa Banda said there was no problem in granting them citizenship upon their return to the country.
Dharmadasa Banda said that the government aimed at increasing the local production of sugar up to 50% of the consumption by setting up the sugar factories.
Dharmadasa Banda said the preliminary work pertaining to the construction of the factory has already been completed and the approval of environmental have authorities obtained.
had pledged to accomplish at the time it crossed over from the UNP.
Dharmadasa Banda said that the nation was shocked to learn the murder of a Sinhala journalist on the eve of the International Journalists' Day.