Minister of Housing and Common Amenities Ferial Ashraff of Sri Lanka

Minister of Housing Ferial Ismail Ashraff was the Chief Guest at a function held to mark the opening up of a MOH (health) office in Karaitivu on January 12, 2006.
Minister Ferial Ismail Ashraff was the Chief Guest at a function held for students who scored high marks and passed the 5th standard scholarship examination, G.
Hakeem as the blue - eyed boy of Ashraff had aroused the envy of some in the party.
Ashraff had tolerated no dissidence and asserted his authority as the undisputed leader of the party.
Minister Ashraff was the driving force behind getting the plan completed," says Mr.
Sri Lankan Minister Ferial Ashraff met with MacArthur in PEI this week to discuss the plan and to negotiate an additional role for CASP in housing and community development in the country.
Ashraff is the Minister of Housing and Construction Industries as well as the minister responsible for tsunami reconstruction in Ampara District.
Ashraff is a senior minister in the government of Sri Lanka.
While in PEI, Ashraff was scheduled to meet with CASP on the master plan and discuss an additional role proposed for CASP to facilitate housing and community development reconstruction in Sri Lanka.
Minister Ashraff said that in this context the NHDA had to seek the repayment of housing loans from individuals who had the means to do so.
Ferial Ashraff said, Rauff Hakeem promised to the Muslims that his link up with the LTTE was the right thing and would bring benefits to the Muslim people.
Ferial Ashraff said she hoped that Rauff Hakeem would have now realized the reality of what he had preached about his link up with the LTTE.
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There is no better exemplification of this truism than the preparations Minister Ferial Ashraff is making to meet the LTTE to have talks with them on the relief and rehabilitation of Eastern Muslims affected by the tsunami disaster.
Housing and Common Amenities Minister Ferial Ashraff said that the people in the Eastern Province can achieve their goals only under the leadership of President Mahinda Rajapaksa and his Government.
Addressing a meeting at her Party Office in Ampara, Ashraff said the voting rights of the innocent people in the Eastern Province had been violated by the blood thirsty terrorists until the province was liberated by the Government.
Ashraff said massive development projects were undertaken in the province during the Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga and Mahinda Rajapaksa regimes but Ranil Wickremesinghe did nothing for the Eastern community.
problem in making statements of racial nature.
continue with what Ashraff had started.
Ashraff accepted President Kumaratungas invitation to be an integral part of her government and initiated extensive development in the Eastern Province.
The late Minister Ashraff was a strong advocate of the devolution of power and a negotiated settlement to the ethnic conflict.
Ferial Ashraff expressed her gratitude to the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques and the Saudi government for their constant support stressing that the project will ease the suffering of tsunami victims.
had a leader who created space for them in Sri Lanka politics.
late Ashraff, joined the UPFA coalition with her faction.
COLOMBO Minister of Housing and Common Amenities, Ferial Ashraff has instructed National Housing Development Authority (NHDA) to pay special attention to provide necessary facilities for disabled when designing housing schemes and other buildings in future.
Minister Ferial Ashraff has further instructed NHDA to give priority for this necessity when planning housing development programmes for the year 2009, during the next few weeks.
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they were not convinced that she had resigned from the portfolio.
Ashraff is capable of emulating the feats of the late meteor of the east, 1000s of displaced Tamils in the Amparai district must be breathing sighs of relief.
Ashraff is not from the east, but Gampola.
Though Ashraff was minister of rehabilitation and reconstruction, none of these Tamil villagers could return to their dwellings or cultivate their fields.
Ashraff was a man who influenced eastern politics decisively in the past two decades.
Under the new People's Alliance government, Minister Ferial Ashraff has allegedly taken steps to pay compensation promptly to families and people affected by violence.
Ms Ferial Ashraff is the leader of the National Unity Alliance (NUA), one of the constituent parties of the ruling UPFA.
Late Ashraff was the founder president of the Sri Lanka Muslim Congress (SLMC) and NUA.
Ms Ferial Ashraff said that the cease-fire agrement has failed to demarcate the boundaries of the State controlled areas and LTTE controlled areas in the Northeast province, clearly.