Minister of Export Development and International Trade G. L. Peiris of Sri Lanka

Peiris said the Supreme Court now has given a clear message to people who were trying to tarnish the image of the country.
For the past few weeks Professor Peiris was spearheading a movement to eradicate anti-Sri Lanka mudslinging with the intention of saving the countrys international reputation and thereby the national economy.
Peiris said the enemies were attempting to stop the aid given to the country under false allegations.
Peiris said that the "the main issue is not prestige or ego" but the impact of the President's moves "on the coherence and the consistency of the peace process.
Minister Kadirgamar- the public perception being that the latter blocked Mr.
Professor Peiris said unlike in Britain, under the current constitution in Sri Lanka, no bye-elections are held to fill parliamentary vacancies and one of the disadvantages is that lack of bye elections takes away a convenient indicator to monitor variance of public opinion in relation to the government.
The government believes, Professor Peiris said that the benefits of the growth should trickle down to the rural hinterland.
Peiris said that as a result of the agreement bilateral trade which had stood at $670 million prior to the agreement shot up to $2 billion in 2006.
Peiris has once again attempted to mislead the world by equating the recently concluded local polls to a referendum on the "infamous" MOU signed between Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe and terrorist leader Velupillai Prabhakaran said the Sinhala Defense League in a statement.
Replying to a question of a soldier whether Sri Lanka could expect foreign assistance if the “peace process” was unsuccessful, negotiator Peiris said as the soldier said no body could fully assure that the peace negotiations would be successful.
Negotiator Peiris said 70,000 lives had been lost due to the protracted war in Sri Lanka.
Peiris said that he knew the Tamil Tigers were involved in extortions and illegal taxes.
Peiris said his party would oppose such a move, as it would be connected to "narrow" and "divisive partisan political interests" such as the abolition of the Executive Presidency and would therefore "weaken the peace process.
Peiris said that of late the large numbers of tourists were from India, overtaking those from the UK.
In his distinguished academic career, Prof Peiris has been the Professor of Law, Dean of the Faculty of Law, and the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Colombo.
state-run Peace secretariat, Bernard Goonatillake.
country had wholeheartedly endorsed the peace process.
Peiris says Chandrika cannot be trusted.
would venture on to two important areas in the near future.
GL Peiris has been one of the most corrupt politians under both UNP and SLFP governments.
Peiris was speaking at the ceremony where over 300 students who had successfully completed the 7th phase of the English and Computer Courses conducted by the Prof G.
Peiris said it was initially set up with the royalties that were due to him from the publication of 13 law books that he had written.
Peiris said that the Foundation would venture on to two important areas in the near future.
Peiris said that the Foundation would very soon integrate such programmes into its present activities.
Touching on the issue of cutting aid on human rights issues Peiris said Sri Lanka has appointed the IIGPA, a board of internationally renown persons headed by former Indian Chief Justice Bhagwathi ,to look into the whole system of government including justice, to investigate any alleged violation of human rights and called it a step no other sovereign nation has ever allowed.
Peiris said there must be no lurking fear in the minds of the Sinhalese civilians that they are vulnerable to the attacks of the Tamil Tigers before any political compromise could be worked out.
Peiris says that the government was right to form an alliance with the group, one of whose factions, led by Sivanesathurai Chandrakanthan, known as Pillayan,recently wonelections inthe Eastern Province.
Peiris was chief government negotiator intalks with the LTTE, which broke down in 2006.
L Peiris has gone to Washington to 'prepare' the US.
Peiris had said in Washington last week.
Peiris had gone to Washington to convince the American administration of his theory that:Sri Lanka has to militarily defeat the Liberation Tigers to encourage the majority Sinhalese to accept a peace deal with the Tamils.
by exaggerating about his academic success in Uppsala.
Peiris said that even earlier, doubts were expressed on the ability of the Government to win at the Provincial Council elections held at North-Central and Sabaragamuwa Provinces.
Peiris said that if such elections had been conducted on the first past the post system, the Opposition would have been hard-pressed to win even a single seat.
High Court ruling to disrupt the ongoing peace process.
that ''what was different in the document were a few dots and commas.
of those discussions are not known.
officials battling Islamic extremists in Iraq and Afghanistan, Peiris said the Tamil Tiger rebels are "not constrained by any norms or principles, but a government has to act in conformity with the rule of law.
Peiris is that critics of the entire peace process in Colombo and elsewhere have been telling that the interim administration is a stepping stone to Tamil Elam.
Peiris said Friday in an interview with Reuters.
Peiris said the Tamil Tigers are "not constrained by any norms or principles, but a government has to act in conformity with the rule of law.
Professor Peiris said what set in motion was not anything created newly after prolonged acrimonious negotiations but what happened was implementation of powers already existed under the 13th amendment of the constitution, agreed upon by the indo-Sri Lanka agreement reached in 1987.
Professor Peiris said the LTTE were adamantly refusing to face elections taking everyone nowhere.
Professor Peiris said President Rajapaksa is having the profound desire to extend his wishes, similar to those about the Eastern Province to the Northern Province within the next six months and hold elections for the area as soon as it is humanly possible, he said.
Peiris said our apparel industry is earning about three times more than tea, which used to be our main export earner.