Minister of Industrial Development Kumara Welgama of Sri Lanka

Minister Welgama said that his ministry gives a helping hand for the development of local industry some of which were earlier in the hands of foreigners.
UAE humanitarian operations, projects in Sri Lanka lauded Colombo, July 5th, 2007 (WAM.
Expressing the Sri Lankan governments gratitude to the UAE for its humanitarian initiatives in his country, Welgama said : The UAE was in the forefront of countries launching urgent relief and humanitarian operations.
Minister of Industrial Development Kumara Welgama said the cabinet approval has already been obtained to reopen the factory.
Dec 20, Colombo: Creating another problem in the country Industrial Development Minister Kumara Welgama says that the government is unable to sell cement for reduced prices.
Minister Welgama says the price of cement cannot be reduced in the rural areas on retail basis as the price concession only applies to large purchases.
Welgama said this will not happen under the present Government.
Industrial development minister Kumara Welgama has requested his officials to give their fullest support and cooperation to the forthcoming Gamin Gamata project to be held at Tissamaharama from 28-31st August.
Welgama said the Sri Lankan Government invited overseas investors to set up garment, chemical, engineering, automobile and fabric manufacturing units.
Iran enjoys good technological potentials and we call for Iran?s cooperation in supplying Sri Lanka with machineries and equipments, helping US in the agricultural sector, building cement production plants, auto industries, iron exploration and extraction and building steel mill,? Welgama said in conclusion.
The Industrial Development Minister Kumara Welgama said that the Cess on footwear had been increased from Rs.
Welgama has said earlier that open tenders should be called for cement making rights in Jaffna instead of giving it to one party.
Industrial Development Minister Kumara Welgama has got cabinet approval to look for "suitable investors" for a joint venture to revive the cement plant which has been closed since 1990, information minister Anura Yapa said Thursday.
Minister of Industrial Development and `Ranaviru` Welfare Kumara Welgama says that the main goal behind the construction of Puttalam Industrial Estate is to provide 4000 employment opportunities.
We will take steps to manufacture the Indian Suzuki Maruti Motor Cars locally,” Industrial Development and Ranaviru Welfare Minister Kumara Welgama said recently.
Welgama expressed hope that the potential legal mire sanctioned by the Supreme Court could be skirted around.
Minister of Industrial Development Kumara Welgama said that processed foods and beverage exports has gained 75% growth during the first six months of this year and this is mainly due to the policies adopted by the Government.
Minister Welgama said We can't be under the threat of Prabhakaran.
Indicating a refreshing sense of flexibility, Welgama expresses willingness to concede the concession.
Welgama said that due to the soaring interest rates, apart from big industries, even a small business cannot be carried on and noted that a solution to remedy this crisis should be found.
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