Minister of Special Projects Mahinda Wijesekera of Sri Lanka

Wijesekera said that on one hand there is an opportunity to overcome the debt situation to some extent and even bring in much needed funds for conservation activities.
species are likely to be lost during the next 50 years.
Special Projects Minister Mahinda Wijesekera said he was proposing a Tamil Council that could manage the islands northern and eastern provinces for two to three years.
We will start seeing stars during the day also when we have to pay interest on the loans we have taken to buy weapons and bombs, Wijesekera said stressing that a political solution was essential.
Wijesekera said many people were finding it difficult to live on their salaries.
Wijesekera said the President told him that an all party initiative to hammer out a political solution to the drawn-out ethnic conflict had failed to come up with an acceptable formula.
Earlier BBC’s Sandeshaya reported that both former Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe and Mahinda Wijesekera had come to the defense of the JHU.
Mahinda Wijesekera denied that during Ranil Wickremesinghe’s regime the government controlled media published biased reports for the government.
Premier Rajapakse has joined with racist and religious oriented parties.
Even though the amendment bill obtained broad-based support from parliament, Wijesekera has often been accused of favouring Indian fisherfolk, who, allegedly, continue to violate Sri Lanka’s territorial waters, while restrictions are imposed on local fishing communities.
10 AM: A senior Sri Lankan journalist and a former Chairman of the Lake house, Lucien Rajakarunanayka has complained to the Prime Minister and police that a cabinet Minister of the UNF government , Mahinda Wijesekera had publicly threatened him and his family with death in front of a Japanese visitor at a restaurant at Colombo’s Hilton Hotel.
A complaint about these threats to my life and others of my family by Minister Mahinda Wijesekera was lodged by me at the Headquarters Police Station in Colombo on Sunday June 1, 2003.
represented by both Wijesekera and Samaraweera.
Samaraweeras threat, about 200 of them worked for him at the elections.
corporation if she believes she could not run it.
there on the road, Attorney-at-Law N.
he pulled down the office, since it belonged to him, the petition said.
Wijesekera was one a series of lawmakers who crossed over from the opposition and was given ministries by the ruling coalition to keep them loyal.
The LTTE should ask for something which is possible for it to be given by a government, Posts and Telecommunications Minister Mahinda Wijesekera said when he laid the foundation stone to put up a post office in the vicinity of St Anne s Talawila Church Talawila last week.
visitor at a restaurant at Colombo's Hilton Hotel.
Police Station in Colombo on Sunday June 1, 2003.
by the ruling coalition to keep them loyal.
the changes that have been made in the party.
Leading opposition legislator Mahinda Wijesekera said there is no law stopping Dissanayake from taking part in the session.
Wijesekera has requested a presidential pardon for Dissanayake, who cannot appeal the Supreme Court verdict.