Minister of Tourism Milinda Moragoda of Sri Lanka

Moragoda has made an impact on the sectors of business, government, politics and the media.
Minister Moragoda has said that he would be available for nomination as a candidate of the UNF for the Colombo District, if the Prime Minister so wished.
mudslinging on any individual whereas in my opinion.
informed the Government that there was no hurry to debate this Motion.
2000, Moragoda has staked his potentially bright political career on it.
Moragoda had given assurances otherwise were incorrect.
Moragoda was also instrumental in the ceasefire agreement that he thought the LTTE was openly flouting with the erection of the cut out at the entrance to the Batticaloa town.
Minister Milinda Moragoda was accompanied to Batticaloa by former diplomat and supporter of the Ranil Wickremesinghe administration Nanda Godage, Defense Secretary Austin Fernando who helped the LTTE to import a powerful radio broadcasting station.
Milinda Moragoda was elected as a UNP MP who favored peace talks and fiscal management.
Moragoda was the silent spectator wondering who would be the lucky winner.
question is not present in the House.
UNP frontliner Milinda Moragoda has reacted angrily to an attempt to target him over his recent meeting with President Mahinda Rajapakse.
A furious Moragoda is likely to issue a statement clarifying his position with regard to his role in deliberations with Rajapakse.
Moragoda was branded as a traitor, a tiger spy, an imperialistic agent (because he is married to an American) who was going to Divide the country.
Now MR is meeting Morogoda to get advise and all of a sudden Moragoda is a Patriot.
The Parliamentary COPE committee has revealed that a company belonging to the Minister Milinda Moragoda has defaulted to pay back a loan.
Minister Moragoda is also accused of transactions that had taken place when the privatisation of the Insurance Corporation was done.
bank properties to private companies was a serious conflict of interests.
the relationship of an average UNP cabinet minister.
the country and the people while enriching his companies.
Milinda Moragoda was taken at a meeting of the political bureau of the party which met yesterday.
According to the statement, Moragoda is in Washington to participate in the upcoming meetings of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, as well as the Sri Lankan Seminar for donors to be chaired by Deputy Secretary Armitage.
Moragoda is in Washington for the Sri Lankan Seminar for donors that the Deputy Secretary is chairing at the State Department, and for the International Monetary Fund/World Bank Spring Meetings.
Ranil Wickremesinghe received in Washington.
4) Is it true that the Minister's book , 'Warm Heart.
Moragoda is a sacred-cow, says one of my liberal companions.
talking to a lot of big people about peace.
who am I to argue? But imagine the possibilities for his future.
the 'peace process' as the springboard.
when Mr Milinda Moragoda was Sampath Bank's Chairman or its Managing Director.