Minister of Public Estate Management and Development Milroy Fernando of Sri Lanka

Fisheries, Aquatic Resources and Christian Affairs Minister Milroy Fernando said that the ministry has repaired more than 90 percent of damaged fishing boats with the support of some various service organizations and individuals.
Christian Affairs Minister Milroy Fernando said that the reconstruction works of the church are underway now with the assistance of the security forces.
The project report from Minister Milroy Fernando is expected detail a wide range of shortcomings confronting the estate population covering health, education, economic conditions, and unemployment among estate youth, drinking water, land erosion, access roads and passenger transport.
Minister Fernando has also been instructed to find means of elevating the estate hospitals to the status of Government Hospitals, providing alternative employment in the agricultural sector in addition to tea plantations and reducing the number of working hours to only six hours in case of female workers.
Theresa had said that Milroy Fernando had sent a message conveying that he wanted to meet her.
COLOMBO: Plantation Development Minister Milroy Fernando said in parliament Tuesday President Mahinda Rajapaksa accommodated 17 opposition MPs in the government because he knew there would be an upsurge against him by the UNP and JVP one day.
Speaking during the debate on supplementary estimates for several ministries, Fernando said the government had to increase the number of ministers only under these circumstances.
Hermon Fernando was replaced in 1969 by another brother Milroy Fernando.
Minister of Janatha Plantation Development Milroy Fernando expressed addressing the media last morning (27) in the Madhu area, vowed that all measures will be taken to bring back the statue of Our Lady of Madhu and hold the annual festival as scheduled.
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