Minister of Community Development and Social Inequity Eradication P. Chandrasekaran of Sri Lanka

wealth for the liberation of the Tamils.
The statement by Chandrasekaran comes in a background of significant support in Sri Lanka, especially by the Tamil community for a greater Indian role on the island.
Chandrasekaran said that initially the two could form a common platform.
letter to the JVP’s Wimal Weerawansa a few days ago.
Chandrasekaran has offered to rat on his erstwhile friends in the UNP, he ought to go the whole hog without holding the public in suspense, if he is not trying to hoodwink them.
being the leader of the world Tamils.
Chandrasekaran was arrested at his Talawakele residence in the hill country by a combined Police-Army team on 30 October.
Chandrasekaran was taken by the Police on the pretext that he was wanted by the Superintendent of Police to record a statement.