Minister of Vocational and Technical Training Piyasena Gamage of Sri Lanka

Minister of Vocational and Technical Training, Piyasena Gamage said this was not merely another vocational training centre.
Skills Development, Vocational & Technical Education Minister Piyasena Gamage said the intention was to build around a thousand houses for the tsunami-affected people.
a friend accompanying him was not so lucky.
While the triumphant President Rajapaksa was in Pakistan on a state visit, Minister and UPFA Vice President Piyasena Gamage said the Mahinda Chintanaya policy for which the whole country gave a mandate at last November`s presidential election was endorsed by the `gamas` as well.
Piyasena Gamage is also in the picture.
Government minister Piyasena Gamage says attempts at demonstrations and work stoppages by the leftist JVP to intimidate the government will be a futile exercise.
Minister Gamage has already presented a Bill to set up a University of vocational technology to Parliament.
sixteen houses for homeless, tsunami-hit villagers in the Hikkaduwa area.