Permanent Representative to the UN, New York Prasad Kariyawasam of Sri Lanka

Head of the UN panel Prasad Kariyawasam said that Israeli authorities did not allow US to visit the Palestinian territories, adding that 'no reasons were given by Israel because they do not recognize our mandate.
Kariyawasam had held two rounds of consultations.
as "ready acceptance of unqualified participation of the NGOs.
delegates are due to start writing soon.
Kariyawasam said the Tamil Tigers achieve their objective "by forcibly submitting the children to weapons training and thereafter returning them to their normal environment, so that they could be used for combat purposes as and when the need arises.
Evidence has now transpired that the LTTE does not permit children to pursue and successfully complete secondary education until and unless they undergo this weapons training, Kariyawasam said at the UN headquarters on Friday.
Kariyawasam was careful to note the limitations of the briefing.
Describing the Israeli siege as collective punishment, Kariyawasam expressed concern over the drastic worsening of the economic and social situation in the Gaza Strip.
While he warned of the immediate and long-term consequences of rising unemployment and poverty levels, fuel and electricity cuts, restrictions on the import of essential goods and restrictions on freedom of movement to and from Gaza, Kariyawasam was especially concerned about the children of Gaza.
But Kariyawasam remains convinced of the vital role played by the Special Committee.
convicted in the UK, who had taken shelter in that area.
Kariyawasam said that the leaders had realized that SAARC had to evolve into a more people-centred organization and thus this year's theme was a progression from last year's theme of connectivity.
Prasad Kariyawasam is presently the Additional Secretary in charge of Multilateral Affairs, South Asia and SAARC Divisions in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Sri Lanka and the former Ambassador and the Permanent Representative of Sri Lanka to the United Nations in Geneva and New York.
Mr Kariyawasam is revealing that Tamils supporting LTTE are beyong the control of the Sri Lankan government and hence he feels the need to get UN assistance to control and / or manage them.
Further Ambassador Kariyawasam said 'Since independence 60 years ago, all successive governments in Sri Lanka have been committed towards creating a protective environment for children to live in dignity and to enjoy their rights with care and support of their families.
Ambassador Kariyawasam is now back in the Ministry holding a senior position as Additional Foreign Secretary.
Kariyawasam denied wide spread speculation that the Security Council might impose sanctions on Sri Lanka over alleged human rights violations or recruitment of child soldiers.
at a dinner hosted by High Commissioner Mangala Moonesinghe and Ms.
Ambassador Kariyawasam said the Conference will also be a chance for all countries to review their pledges to get rid of the illegal trade in small arms and to develop a strategy for further implementation of the UN Programme of Action that was agreed in 2001.
Prasad Kariyawasam joined the Sri Lanka Foreign Service in 1981 and has held diplomatic assignments at Sri Lanka Missions in Geneva, Riyadh, Washington and New Delhi, in the latter as the Deputy High Commissioner for Sri Lanka in India, holding the rank of an Ambassador.
Kariyawasam was the Alternate Representative of Sri Lanka at the 53rd, 54th and 55th Sessions of the UN Commission for Human Rights (CHR) held in Geneva and led the observer delegation of Sri Lanka to the 57th and 58th Sessions of CHR.
Kariyawasam was elected as a Vice-Chairperson and served in the Expanded Bureau of the 59th CHR.
Kariyawasam was also elected as the Chair of the 2004 sessions of the Chairperson of the Human Rights Treaty Bodies and Inter-Committee Meetings.
Kariyawasam was also appointed as the Special Co-ordinator for improved and effective functioning of the Conference on Disarmament at its Fall Session of 2001 and for the year 2002.
Kariyawasam was a member of the Sri Lanka delegation to the 50th and the 60th anniversary of the United Nations General Assembly and to the 50th Anniversary Session of the annual IMF/World Bank meetings.
Kariyawasam was born in 21st March 1954.
Kariyawasam said that there were 27 State party reports that were overdue, and reminders needed to be sent.
Prasad Kariyawasam is the Ambassador to the United Nations for Sri Lanka.