Minister of Posts and Telecommunications Rauff Hakeem of Sri Lanka

Hakeem had violated the principle of collective responsibility of the cabinet of ministers, she said.
Sri Lanka Muslim Congress Leader and Parliamentarian Rauff Hakeem has lashed out at the barbarity unleashed by Israel on a defenseless and half starved 1.
the LTTE's chief negotiator, in London.
Minister Hakeem was speaking as the Chief Guest at the Youth Get Together of Kalmunai Pradeshiya Sabha Youth Congress held at Zahira College, Kalmunai, which was followed by Ifthar (breaking of fast) that evening.
Meanwhile the SLMC leader Rauff Hakeem said the authorities were trying to use different strategies to defeat the threat posed by SLMC in contesting eastern Provincial Council (PC) elections.
Hakeem said the party decided to contest though there is no conducive atmosphere in the east for free and fair elections.
The Attorney General in his submissions to the Supreme Court Friday, said SLMC Leader Rauf Hakeem was not entitled to the security provided to a Member of Parliament after his resignation, Senior State Counsel K.
Hakeem said the Defence Ministry could give such orders only on matters pertaining to national security.
Sri Lanka would soon be making mobile telephone numbers portable, telecom minister Rauf Hakeem said addressing the Sri Lanka Economic Summit 2007.
The telecom industry will be ensured with a mobile number portability that is expected to result in more growth, Posts and Telecommunications Minister Rauff Hakeem said yesterday.
The Sri Lanka Muslim Congress under Rauff Hakeem is in the opposition.
When Hakeem was a minister in Ranil Wickremasinghes cabinet Ferial Ashraff and Athaullah had a field day criticising Rauff for selling out the Muslims for cabinet perks.
Moreover Hakeem has urged people not to participate or help the P- TOMS.
Whatever his detractors may say of him and whatever his shortcomings Rauff Hakeem remains the best bet of the Muslims in the aftermath of Ashraff.
Even now Hakeem is compelled to adopt a hardline posture due to LTTE objecting to third party status in talks or equal position in tsunami relief to the Muslims.
Hakeem is telling the Muslims that they must ensure Wickremasinghes victory in order to secure the political promises made.
When the great showdown came and Hakeem was fired overnight by Kumaratunga seven of the eleven SLMC Mps crossed over with Hakeem while four stayed on with Ferial in the cabinet.
Hakeem expressed keen desire to build stronger relations between Emirates Post and Sri Lanka Post, and lauded the progress achieved by Emirates Post.
SLMC leader Rauff Hakeem said the latest government move to stifle media freedom was a continuation of the government’s policy for suppressing the media.
Hakeem said the license to operate a radio channel was cancelled after it reported an incident regarding an LTTE attack at Ranminitenna in Hambantota earlier.
dealt with at various political bureau meetings in the past.
to give orders of suspension on himself and Athaulla.
not to have affairs with other women after he met her.
and added that Rauff Hakeem was an alcoholic.
Obviously upset by the kidnapping and the torture and other incidents of murder and mayhem by the Tamil rebel group against his community but whose very political support helps his government to stay in power Minister and Sri Lanka Muslim Congress leader Rauff Hakeem said now his party would be compelled to take a strong political decision if the government did not take measures to ensure the security of the Muslims from the growing military power of the LTTE.
Minister Rauff Hakeem said he wanted to discuss with the Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe measures to ensure the security of the Muslim community when he reached Colombo.
Minister Rauff Hakeem said while his community was suffering and they bringing tremendous pressure on the party leadership he did not know how long they could hold on to government portfolios.
Rauff Hakeem said that it had been internationally accepted to have a separate Muslim group of representatives at the planned forthcoming peace talks but the LTTE’s refusal to accommodate such a group has made it impossible to go forward.
to take his own decision as an individual either to stay or leave the government.
on an indefinite cease-fire, political sources said on Friday.
have to call on the prime minister to review certain clauses of the agreement.
minister to accept the fact that the agreement is flawed.
Hakeem said that some parties rushed to implement small scale development projects purely for electoral purposes and Muslims should not get caught in their traps.
Hakeem said that the second phase of the local government elections on May 20 will be a decisive one as it will be an opportunity to show the strength of the community.
SLMC leader Rauff Hakeem charged that he is being harassed by the Inland Revenue officers as the government has got them to make an inquiry on his assets.
Hakeem said this was the reason he left the government last year.
has made it impossible to go forward.
keeping the party in the dark on the ongoing peace talks.
Hakeem said that he is still the leader of the SLMC.
The leader of Sri Lanka Muslim Congress Rauff Hakeem met the journalists in Colombo at "Thaarusalaam"-party headquarters on Thursday after crossing over to the Opposition in Parliament on Wednesday.
In his Application, Chief Inspector Saman Gunaratne complained that following the massacre of 10 Muslims in Pottuvil area, allegedly by the LTTE, Hakeem had maliciously charged him and the STF men as murderers.
CI Gunaratne stated that following the massacres on September 18, 2006, in the Radella area, in Pottuvil, Rauff Hakeem had publicly stated that CI Gunaratne and the STF were involved in the incident.
Hakeem had also falsely alleged that CI Gunaratne was harassing Muslims in the area and had demanded from the then IGP Chandra Fernando to immediately transfer him out from the camp at Shastraveli.
the life of the government of Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe.
Rauff Hakeem is an apologist for the LTTE as evidenced by the photo below.
of the Party High command of the SLMC, the notice stated.
Hakeem said addressing the 8th Business for Peace Forum organized by the Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Sri Lanka (FCCISL.
Hakeem said he voiced his criticisms in Parliament the same day, not to take away from the achievements of the security forces but to highlight that the celebrations had created the feeling that the nation had conquered an alien territory.
Hakeem described President Mahinda Rajapaksa's speech on Thursday as compassionate but combative, filled with invectives and venom against the political opposition when a national function should be devoid of partisan politics.
Hakeem said he recently had a discussion with Defence Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa and told him that success for the development of the East lies in reforming the police.
Hakeem said elections in the East were welcome but it was futile to speak of them until the climate of fear and insecurity was abated and total normalcy achieved.
Hakeem was condemned by an assortment of critics for his perceived inaction or inability to stop this.
So a meeting between Anton Balasingham and a SLMC delegation sans Hakeem was scheduled in London.
By taking him along to meet the LTTE, Hakeem was not only involving Athaulla in constructive negotiations but also binding him to any settlement reached.
It is well known that among prominent Muslim politicians Hakeem is reputed to be a truly devout practising Muslim.
Hakeem said that he never expected Pirapaharan to be so generous and concessionary.
Above all, Hakeem has come off well as a courageous yet cautious leader acting with responsibility in bettering the lot of his people.
Hakeem is very fluent in Tamil and so converses directly and openly with Pirapaharan.
So now, Hakeem is likely to participate in official talks.
Rauff Hakeem said in the press release.
Hakeem had had a round of talks with the UNP leader yesterday about extending support to the motion.