Minister of Foreign Affairs Rohitha Bogollagama of Sri Lanka

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But Bogollagama has briefed foreign diplomats in Colombo about the proposals, which he described as a "historic step.
As a member of the United National Party, Bogollagama was elected to parliament in 2000 for Kurunegala District, and served the Parliamentary Consultative Committees on Finance, Foreign Affairs, Defence, Industrial Development Investment Promotion, and Power Energy.
Bogollagama is married to Deepthi; they have children Lakshitha, Dilshani, and Dakshitha.
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Since the ministry of foreign affairs fell onto his lap on 28 January 2007, very much like manna from heaven, Bogollagama has been engaged in antics that have made Bozo the Clown look normal in diplomatic circles.
Bogollagama took her to a special meeting of SAARC foreign ministers in Colombo on 31 July 2008.
In response to a query by LAKBIMAnEWS, the foreign ministry revealed in December last year that Bogollagama had far exceeded his 2007 travel budget by more than Rs 10 million.
Bogollagama is commonly known to draw lavishly from the budgets of Sri Lankas overseas missions for his expenses while on international travel.
Since he became foreign ministry, Bogollagama has made it his business to fly to every little corner of the world - whether or not it serves a national purpose.
Last week, Bogollagama was curiously in Iceland (accompanied by his wife.
At the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Kampala, Uganda, last year Sri Lanka exposed an embarrassing lack of coordination and political cohesion in the international arena when Bogollagama supported the suspension of Pakistan from the Commonwealth - only to be publicly contradicted by President Rajapaksa the next day.
Bhaila said he could not tell as Bogollagama was not in Sri Lanka.
Consequently, Bogollagama had a short stint with the US Information Services which has an office in the State Department.
As enterprise development minister, Bogollagama took a delegation to London for a meeting of the Commonwealth Business Council.
Also as enterprise development minister, Bogollagama took his wife and children to Geneva (for peace talks with the LTTE) even after President Mahinda Rajapaksa instructed the delegation that family members must stay behind.
Foreign Minister Rohitha Bogollagama said Sri Lanka’s military had rooted out Tiger rebels from the east of the country in operations that complement efforts to negotiate a solution to the long-running conflict.
Rohitha Bogollagama took over the Ministry of Foreign Affairs from Mangala Samaraweera.
Rohitha Bogollagama is a shame for Sri Lankan politics.
Foreign Minister Rohitha Bogollagama met in Delhi on 16th June with Dr.
Foreign Minister Rohitha Bogollagama has emphasized the important role that the Foreign Ministry has been playing in gaining the support and confidence of the international community in combating terrorism in the country.
Sri Lanka is keen to assist the new government of Nepal by  sharing its expertise in the fields of health, education and investment promotion stated Rohitha Bogollagama, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Sri Lanka when he met Nepal’s recently appointed Foreign Minister Upendra Yadav today (29th) in New York.
Later in the afternoon Foreign Minister Bogollagama met with U Nyan Win, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Myanmar.
agenda will fade away with the conclusion of the Tamil Nadu elections.
Minister Bogollagama is scheduled to meet the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, Mr.
The meeting between the Emir and Minister Bogollagama was a success in developing bilateral relations between both countries and Qatar’s great interests about investing in Sri Lanka were also discussed during the discussions, Javid said.
to harm her three teenage step-sons.
Totally rejecting the idea that the his government was waging a futile war for peace Sri Lanka’s new Foreign Minister Rohitha Bogollagama said there is no possible way to achieve peace when there is terrorism in a country.
COLOMBO, Sri Lanka, Oct 13 (UPI) -- The Sri Lankan military targeted a Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam terrorist stronghold Monday that resulted in the death of 27 rebels.