Minister of Enterprise Development and Investment Promotion Sarath Amunugama of Sri Lanka

Amunugama received his secondary education at Kingswood College, Kandy and entered the University of Ceylon before attending University of Sorbonne III, Paris specializing in modern languages where he gained his Licentiate, Master's and PhD.
According to BoI sources, Minister of Investment Promotion Sarath Amunugama has made this offer while earmarking a project site at the Special Economic Zone in Mirigama, located some 35 km north of Colombo in Gampaha district in the Western Province.
Minister Amunugama had held discussion with the Iranian Minister of Commerce Massoud Mir Kassem, to examine ways to promote greater economic ties between the Governments and more importantly, the private sectors of Sri Lanka and Iran.
Commenting on the project Minister Amunugama said that yachting, as a leisure activity had not really developed in the Subcontinent in contrast with East Asia and the Persian Gulf areas.
Amunugama said the Sinhalese newspapers chose not to publish the news.
Minister for Enterprise Development Sarath Amunugama accepted the offer by Indian Minister of State for Commerce Jairam Ramesh at a meeting here.
The Sri Lankan Minister for Enterprise Development Sarath Amunugama described the visit of top flight entrepreneurs from India as historic and said that the future lay in more private sector initiatives.
Sarath Amunugama said in Kandy on Saturday (02.
develop the refinery of the Ceylon Petroleum Corporation.
The former minister was seen clapping even when the president pledged to ditch the 2006 budget Amunugama had presented in parliament only 11 days ago.
Amunugama had made no reference to the "Mahinda Chintanaya" while presenting the budget on November 8.
Investment Promotions Minister Sarath Amunugama said Tuesday that foreign donors pledged help to build roads, ports, coal power plants and highways during the final day of the two-day aid review meeting in the southern town of Galle.
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Sarath Amunugama said that Sri Lanka needs to exploit the rivers and seas in order to develop tourism.
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Sarath Amunugama said at the special cabinet briefing held at the Information Department yesterday (30.
Sarath Amunugama said Pakistan and Sir Lanka have historic ties and SriLanka attaches great importance to its relations with Pakistan.
Sarath Amunugama expressed the Government's appreciation of the assistance afforded by the international community to facilitate relief and recovery from the Tsunami of December 2004.
Amunugama is scheduled to launch Sri Lanka Millennium Development Goals at the second day's session which will focus on Economic Policy and Development Challenges.
Minister Amunugama said that it was important for German companies to engage in large-scale projects in Sri Lanka.
the Ceylon Civil Service) Amunugama is also a sociologist.
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According to the police, Amunugama was part of a 50-member tourist group that had come to see the stupas Emperor Asoka built in Lord Buddhas honour.
Sarath Amunugama is to be appointed minister of Public Administration, a senior official of the Presidential Secretariat said.
President Chandrika Kumar-atunga's spokesman Sarath Amunugama said the People's Alliance was prepared to forget the acrimony with the premier, which had led Norway to suspend efforts to broker an end to the island's ethnic war.
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COLOMBO Sri Lanka will rely on overseas aid and debt relief pledged after the December tsunami disaster to help trim its budget deficit, Finance Minister Sarath Amunugama has said.
5 percent of gross domestic product from the 9 percent the central bank estimates for 2005, Amunugama said late last week in Colombo.