Minister of Child Development and Women's Empowerment Sumedha Jayasena of Sri Lanka

why Minister Jayasena was not informed.
Minister Jayasena expressed these views during the launch of `Horagolle Arunalu` authored by Shriyananda Munasinghe held at National Library Services Board auditorium recently.
Minister Jayasena said that more writers should fill the existing vacuum and write about the Bandaranaike philosophy.
Since this year’s Women’s Day theme was ‘Time has come for law enforcement on rapists,’ Minister Jayasena said that speedy action should be taken in this regard.
Colombo (dpa) - Sri Lanka is seeking foreign assistance to help more than half a million families affected by a severe drought which has damaged crops and left people without drinking water in some of the areas, Social Service minister Sumedha Jayasena said Monday.
Minister Jayasena said the government has met with 16 Colombo-based foreign non-governmental organisations to seek assistance for drought-affected families by providing them dry rations and drinking water.
Jayasena said the Social Service Ministry had only Rs.
Sri Lanka is struggling to cope with a flood of tsunami food aid and has begun distributing perishables even among those unaffected by the disaster, social services minister Sumedha Jayasena said Friday.