Minister of Higher Education Wisva Warnapala of Sri Lanka

Wisva Warnapala said to make University education in the country more meaningful changes need to be made so that Sri Lankan Universities can become players in the highly competitive global market of Higher Education.
Warnapala was speaking at the sixtieth anniversary of the Faculty of Agriculture of the Peradeniya University last Wednesday addressing the academics, students and other participants at the opening of the "Exhibition of Agriculture Science and Technology", held in Peradeniya.
Warnapala said that nearly 885 million people live in rural areas of the world and most depend on agriculture for their livelihood.
Warnapala said that he would like to focus attention on the student intake to the Faculties of Agriculture in the respective Universities.
Warnapala said that the need of the hour was to construct polices at a national and global scale to address the long term problems of increasing the supply and the agricultural experts were asked to play a role in creating a world where all people have enough food for productive livelihood.
Warnapala said that this was the challenge before all agriculturists of the world as the growing population is demanding more and different kind of food.
world so that the country could be made a developed nation.
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Education Minister Wisva Warnapala said in Colombo yesterday.
equipment, staff and enhancing student welfare.
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Warnapala said the Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development has provided US$ 20 million to the Government to rebuild and rehabilitate tsunami-affected education and administrative infrastructure.
Warnapala said that there had been 14 occasions where the JVP oriented IUSF had brought undergraduates to Colombo on flimsy pretexts over issues that could have been easily settled by negotiation at the respective universities.
Warnapala said that he had gone before cabinet on a number of occasions during the last two years and obtained approval for several projects such as building hostels, academic premises and obtaining equipment, staff and enhancing student welfare.
Police muscle will be used on university campuses in the future to stop ragging and powers available under the Anti Ragging Act will be strictly enforced in the future, Higher Education Minister Wisva Warnapala said yesterday.
Warnapala has observed, at the same seminar that Art.