Minister of Interior Ibrahim Mahmoud Hamid of Sudan

The Interior Minister, Engineer Ibrahim Mahmoud Hamid has reaffirmed his Ministry''s concern with providing accommodation for police cadres to undertake their role effectively.
Hamid said the project would continue to cover all the police units in Khartoum State, underscoring the role of police in peacekeeping and stability in the State.
Humanitarian Affairs Minister Ibrahim Mahmoud Hamid said it was the act of a responsible government to move them to a better location.
Mr Hamid said the relocation of the refugees had not violated any humanitarian agreements.
But Mr Hamid said there was no move by authorities to force the refugees to return to their villages.
Sudans newly appointed Interior Minister Ibrahim Mahmoud Hamid said on Wednesday that the presence of a big number of the United Nations and African mission troops in Darfur is a threat to Sudan\s sovereignty.
The governor of the Southern Sudanese province of Kasla Ibrahim Mahmoud Hamid has denied the existence of Eritrea's military buildup on the Sudanese borders, stressing that these buildup are on the eastern border of the province are for the rebellion and the opposition forces.
Interior Minister Ibrahim Mahmoud Hamid was holding a press conference and we should rush over there.
According to the ICC, Hamid has done nothing to bring Haroun to trial.
And unless we got to see Sudan's president, Hamid was likely to be the top government official we'd get to talk to.
Hamid said that the government and the UN have a joint plan to provide 12,000 tons of food supplies every month as of July till the end of this year, pointing out that national support has amounted to 7,510 tons of foodstuff.
Sudanese Humanitarian Affairs Minister Ibrahim Mahmoud Hamid said it was "the responsibility of the government" to forcibly relocate refugees to better locations this week, claiming in the face of international criticism that the move did not violate humanitarian agreements agreed to by the government.
Meanwhile, the Minister of Humanitarian Affairs Engineer Ibrahim Mahmoud Hamid has announced that major roads have been opened for moving humanitarian aid to all areas in Northern Darfur State.
Hamid said there is enough food which will last for two months and beyond.
Sudans Minister of Humanitarian Affairs Ibrahim Mahmoud Hamid said the UN.
Hamid said people are fighting primarily over access to land and other resources, which he said happens a lot in his country.