Minister of Education and Human Development Edwin Wolf of Suriname

Wolf was credited with reviving the library, founded in 1731 by Benjamin Franklin and containing the country's only surviving intact Colonial collection of books, maps and related artworks.
Wolf was named curator of the collections at the Library Company, the oldest subscription library in the United States.
Wolf is survived by his wife, the former Mary Paxson Matthews; two daughters, Mary Hurtig of Philadelphia and Ellen Shrecker of Manhattan; a son, Anthony, of Boston, and a brother, Robert, of Philadelphia.
Huff worked on improving his stories for a few hours and then checked to see if his erstwhile friend Wolf had worked on anything new.
Are you boiling hard, you hard-boiled busy boy bastard?"Huff settled in for the rest of the night with a steaming mug of coffee to write his newest, and he thought periodically throughout the evening if Wolf had created anything new.
He saw that indeed Wolf had produced some new pages for him to apply his unique critique to.
Six days after he turned 100 on May 1, Wolf was honored Sunday by the Maryland State Bar Association, which threw him a party at Roland Park Place.
Nicole Earl-Hernandez, the bar association’s director of administration, said several members were aware that Wolf was turning 100 this week and wanted to celebrate his achievements.
I was one of the first ones on the Omaha Beach, and I’ll never forget it,” Wolf says of the June 6, 1944, Allied raid of Germany controlled French territory.
Looking back at his life, Wolf says he was glad to celebrate his 100th birthday with more than 40 friends at the Center Club in Baltimore.
University of Pennsylvania Bud Wolf has offered courses in Professional Practice, Project Management, and Marketing for Architects in the Architecture Program during the last twelve years; during this Spring Semester he will be leading a design studio investigating pre-fabricated housing.
Wolf has worked for large (SOM) and small scale design firms along the mid-Atlantic seaboard, as well as public sector agencies such as the Philadelphia City Planning Commission and the New York State Urban Development Corporation (housing user needs design criteria and business and civic development.