Minister of Natural Resources Gregory Rusland of Suriname

with Rosebel Gold Mines NV in 2005.
is examining possible cooperation with other multinationals.
Rusland said Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez made the proposal after the Suriname government had informed Caracas of plans to increase energy production.
SURINAME-DEVELOPMENT-New aluminium plant for Suriname? PARAMARIBO, Suriname, CMC – Suriname is seeking a partner to establish an aluminium plant and is holding talks with two multi-national companies, Natural Resources and Energy Minister, Gregory Rusland has said.
Minister Gregory Rusland said Tuesday that the government also is negotiating with Australian-based BHP Billiton Ltd.
Energy Minister in Suriname, Gregory Rusland said Venezuela has expressed an interest in establishing a gas pipeline in the country.
Rusland said the proposal from Caracas would include laying the pipeline on the seabed with a division leading to Guyana.
Natural Resources Minister Gregory Rusland said that gold prices have risen beyond expectations since the government signed a contract in 2005.