Minister of Finance Humphrey Hildenberg of Suriname

But Finance Minister Humphrey Hildenberg said the tiny, cash-strapped South American country has no extra budget money to allocate to the carrier.
Government criticizedBBC Caribbean's reporter in Suriname, Steven Van Frederikslust, said the Finance minister Humphrey Hildenberg had a hard time explaining to parliament where things went wrong.
Minister Humphrey Hildenberg is blij dat maar schaars is gereageerd op dringende adviezen van onder meer het IMF.
Hildenberg said he hoped "this is the last time the government has set the fuel price" and hinted at support for a fluctuating fuel price over a fixed price.
Humphrey Hildenberg remains finance minister.
New Finance Minister Humphrey Hildenberg said August 24 that Suriname's treasury does not have enough money to pay government employees or meet other obligations by the end of the month.
Hildenberg says he inherited a treasury with only 1.