President Ronald Venetiaan of Suriname

English: Ronald Venetiaan is the president of Suriname as of 2005.
Nederlands: Ronald Venetiaan is de president van Suriname vanaf 2005.
Incumbent president Ronald Venetiaan is leading the New Front for Democracy (NFD), and will face strong opposition from Desi Bouterse's National Democratic Party (NDP) and the People's Alliance for Prosperity (VVV) of former president Jules Wijdenbosch.
Venetiaan received 27 votes, with former managing director of the state run Academic Hospital Rabin Parmessarwho was nominated by Bouterse and Wijdenboschreceiving 20 ballots.
On Aug 3, Venetiaan was re-elected by the United People's Assembly with 560 votes.
The New Front formed an alliance with the A-Combination, a party representing the descendants of of former slaves, and Venetiaan was subsequently reelected president.
President Venetiaan says he will sign the EPA agreement, and Dominica's Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerritt predicts that Caricom could be signing the EPA by late September or early October.
On September 6, 1991, NPS candidate Ronald Venetiaan was elected President, and the VHP's Jules Ajodhia became Vice President.
After two votes, no candidate received the required two-thirds majority, pushing the final decision in August 2005 to a special session of the United People’s Assembly, where President Venetiaan was reelected with a significant majority of votes from the local, district, and national assembly members gathered.
Venetiaan was subsequently confirmed as president by the People's Assembly.
They cut across sectors, and each decision we make, even when we debate economic and political issues, affects the situation of children to a greater or lesser degree, Venetiaan said in a statement read by his Minister of Education and Community Development Mr.
falls under the immediate authority of Wijdenbosch and it only accepts orders from the President.
Less than 30 seconds later, Venetiaan received a response.
President Ronald Venetiaan remained firmly in control of the country in 2007, but his relations with parliament grew more contentious.
Since 1990, the four-party New Front coalition, led by Ronald Venetiaan has held government.
President Ronald Venetiaan is the head of state for Suriname.
President Ronald Venetiaan is ook uitgenodigd, maar heeft niet bevestigd.