Minister for Education Constance Simelane of Swaziland

Constance Simelane is the current Deputy Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Swaziland and took up the position in November 2003.
MBABANE, 3 March (IRIN) - Swaziland is to standardise primary school fees as a first step toward meeting United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) goal of education for all by 2015, Minister of Education Constance Simelane has announced.
Minister of Education Constance Simelane has admitted that some finer points still needed to be sorted out in implementing the policy.
Deputy Prime Minister Constance Simelane said this during a graduation ceremony for the top 20 finalists, which also saw the awarding of the top six winners of the competition.
Simelane said the contribution of new investors was vital for the country’s economy which depended on income from SMEs.
With the new academic year looming, has the situation improved? Certainly, Education Minister Constance Simelane is making all the right noises.
Certainly, Minister of Education Constance Simelane is making all the right noises.
All participating parties in making the programme a success should continue,” Simelane said during her recent tour of the country.
Breaking centuries of male-dominated politics, Constance Simelane has been appointed the New Deputy Prime Minister of Swaziland, a small African nation surrounded by South Africa.
It is a right declared in the United Nations Charter on Human Rights, to which Swaziland is a signatory, Simelane said in a speech last month.
Simelane said it was therefore important, if any progress was to be made on this issue, to explain to both policymakers and the public how science and technology can be effective in reducing poverty.