Minister for Justice David Dlamini of Swaziland

Prince Dlamini was accompanied by Mr Promise Msibi, Counsellor at the Embassy of Ethiopia to Swaziland with oversight responsibilities to Ghana, some staff of MJA-G in Accra, Ms Mercy Arhin, Cape Coast Municipal Chief Executive, representing Nana Ato Arthur, Central Regional Minister and some staff of the Cape Coast Municipal and Komenda-Edina-Eguafo district assemblies.
As pressure for change builds up both at home and abroad, a committee headed by Prince David Dlamini is due to publish the draft of a new constitution next month.
Themba Dlamini has a reputation for incorruptibility and is reportedly well respected in the business community.
David Dlamini has become so disillusioned with the sugar trade that he has given up farming.
David Dlamini has been growing sugar cane in South Africa for 27 years.
MS KHAMPEPE: Mr Dlamini would you stand so as to be sworn in? State your full names? Are you David Zheli Dlamini?DAVID ZHELI DLAMINI:(sworn states)CHAIRPERSON: Yes for the record Mr Dlamini is the third applicant.
MR STEWART: Mr Dlamini was some traditional type of muti prepared?MR DLAMINI: Yes there was a traditional doctor but I cannot remember his name.
MR STEWART: Now Mr Dlamini is it right that in your application you have tried to remember as much as you can but if there are things that you have forgotten and you are now reminded about them you are quite happy to talk about that?MR DLAMINI: Yes I would accept if something comes up here I would be able to talk about it.
Prince Dlamini described the visit as worth making, in view of the "love at first sight" shown to him by the chief and his elders, the serene nature of the town and the peaceful atmosphere prevailing in it.
Prince Dlamini expressed gratitude to the Omanhen and his elders for the invitation and their gesture and assured him that he would visit the town again when he comes back to the country for the forth-coming African Union Heads of State Summit.
Photo: IRIN Prince David Dlamini was one of the drafters of the constitutionMBABANE, 17 September 2004 (IRIN) - King Mswati III has decided that Swaziland's new palace-authored constitution will be debated and passed by parliament.