Minister for Enterprise and Employment Lufto Dlamini of Swaziland

Swazi Enterprise Minister Lufto Dlamini says the factory is a major component in shifting the national economy from agriculture to industry.
HEADNOTE Barnabas Sibusiso Dlamini has variously been described as a martinet and a father figure, hard-headed and accommodating, a man who forgives but never forgets.
Dlamini said the lobbyists had helped Swaziland recover trade privileges suspended after King Mswati's approval of an Industrial Relations Act that severely curtailed union activity.
Dlamini said similar misconceptions surround the recent lifting of a five-year ban on premarital sex, which prompted tens of thousands of girls to burn tassels denoting their chastity on the eve of the reed dance.
Swaziland politician Lufto Dlamini has commended the SA Government for living up to its promise of making the 2010 World Cup an African tournament.
Dlamini takes over from internationally renowned political and economic commentator Eddie Maloka, who has since joined Nepad.
Dlamini said their structure was also looking into all the opportunities and prospects adherent to the quadrennial tournament.
On the issue of Isihlangu, Dlamini said employing Swiss coach Raoul Savoy as new coach of their senior national team marked the beginning of a new era.
MINISTER Lutfo Dlamini has sponsored the three Miss Deaf Swaziland winners with a weekend at Orion Hotel in PiggÂ’s Peak.