Governor, Central Bank Martin Dlamini of Swaziland

Addressing a church gathering, Pastor Dlamini was quoted by the Times of Swaziland as saying, “You people will all be witnesses of this miracle, the reporter who wrote the story without the facts.
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not set up to investigate summit finances.
Dlamini said the meeting was a follow-up to a previous one hosted by the ministry of public service and information in December 2007, where applicants and non applicants of community radio broadcasting were also present.
Dlamini had no choice but to testify against the union leaders much against his professional ethics, the Media Institute of Southern Africa (MISA) today reported.
Ngíarua also asked the editor how a newspaper comes up with headlines, to which Dlamini said they are derived from the articles.
Asked whether there were times when the newspaper "had got it wrong," Dlamini said it happened with every newspaper, adding that they have an Ombudsman, who, after being convinced that the article was wrong, would issue a retraction.
It has effects, particularly in terms of (foreign direct investment), because people are now classifying the region as unstable,â€‌ Swaziland central bank governor Martin Dlamini said in Switzerland.
Dlamini said he would resign if a probe into alleged government corruption surrounding the summit is not launched.
Dlamini said the CBS would take guidance from the SA Competition Commission, which was investigating the issue of high bank charges and competition within the banking industry in that country.