Minister for Agriculture Mtiti Fakudze of Swaziland

AGRICULTURE and co-operatives Minister Mtiti Fakudze has said that Swaziland can repeat the Malawi miracle of maize surpluses if a system of agricultural subsidies can be introduced.
Swaziland : Increased cultivation to re-vamp textile industryFebruary23,2006Minister of Agriculture and Co-operatives Mtiti Fakudze has stated that the cotton industry was in the process of recovering.
Fakudze said indelible marking was the point of branding, and was a security measure.
SOCCER - Dvokodvweni MP Mtiti Fakudze has forked out a E5 000 sponsorship towards a Festive Knockout Tournament for Malindza-Sicusha League teams.
Agriculture and Co-operatives Minister Mtiti Fakudze said this was on condition Swazis take the initiative to involve themselves in the goat production project and start businesses.
Fakudze was speaking during a breakfast meeting facilitated by the Swaziland Investment Promotion Authority (SIPA) in co-operation with his ministry and their Enterprise and Employment counterparts.
Public Service Minister Mtiti Fakudze has been entrusted with the responsibility of seeing to it that the zero growth policy is done away with and every vacant post in government is filled.