Minister of Justice Beatrice Ask of Sweden

Ask was born in Sveg, Jämtland County, Sweden.
Following the 1991 election, after which Carl Bildt became Prime Minister, Ask was appointed Minister for Schools and Adult Education in the new cabinet.
Since the loss in the 1994 election, Ask has served as party spokesman of several issues.
Following the 2006 election, after which Fredrik Reinfeldt became Prime Minister, Ask was appointed Minister for Justice in the new cabinet.
Ask was formerly married to Moderate Party poltician Christer G.
the IOC should turn to police and prosecutors.
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Ask discussed some significant differences and challenges in Swedish policing.
Beatrice Ask has been very involved in politics since her youth.
Stockholm with responsibility for schools and education.
Parliament), serving there until 2006.
Deputy Chair of the Nominations Committee.
for Justice and head of the Ministry of Justice.
Beatrice Ask is 51 years old and has two children.
Swedish Justice Minister Beatrice Ask said it was a question for police and prosecutors.