Minister of Education Lars Leijonborg of Sweden

And when, in the campaign before the 2002 parliamentary elections, the party suddenly surged after launching a proposal on making a Swedish language test one of the requirements for a naturalized Swedish citizenship, Leijonborg was nicknamed "the Lion King" (Leijonkungen) in the tabloids.
On October 6, 2006 Lars Leijonborg was made Minister for Education and Research in the Cabinet of Fredrik Reinfeldt.
Nevertheless, Leijonborg remained in the cabinet, keeping his political assignments as a minister for higher education and research.
Leijonborg is a member of the congregationalist Mission Covenant Church of Sweden (Swedish: Svenska Missionskyrkan.
Lars Leijonborg says that it is his belief that nobody in the party leadership knew about the espionage.
Lars Leijonborg says he has full confidence in Johan Jakobsson.
Later that night, Leijonborg says that he has known about the espionage since Sunday.
cfm Lars Leijonborg has served as the Minister for Higher Education and Research since 2007.
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Speaking in an interview in Sydsvenskan, Leijonborg said that he sees Islamic fundamentalism as a growing problem in the country and that he therefore wants to stop the establishment of further independent religious schools.
Leijonborg said to Sydsvenskan that during the last year he "had become aware" that Islamic fundamentalism is a growing problem.
Leijonborg was however to remain as education minister in the current government led by conservative Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt.
Swedish Minister for Higher Education and Research Lars Leijonborg said the program might help keep radical Islam from taking root in Sweden.
Leijonborg expressed his appreciation for the active role played by China in this respect.
Education minister Lars Leijonborg has promised an inquiry.
Politics: 23 Apr 07Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt has said he is sad that Liberal Party leader Lars Leijonborg has resigned, but added that he hoped he would stay on as education minister.
Politics: 23 Apr 07Lars Leijonborg is to resign as Liberal Party leader at the party's conference in September, after ten years in the job.
Politics: 13 Apr 07Liberal Party leader Lars Leijonborg is coming under renewed pressure from members of his own party, with a second party district calling on him to resign.
National: 23 Jan 07Press subsidies should be scrapped, advertising tax should be abolished, and a new national radio news channel should be started, Liberal leader Lars Leijonborg has said.
Politics: 25 Sep 06Liberal leader Lars Leijonborg has denied that his party tried to bribe former press secretary Per Jodenius to keep quiet over how much he knew about attempts to spy on Social Democrats.
Politics: 16 Sep 06Liberal leader Lars Leijonborg says his party has been cast between hope and despair, and notes that the election is closer than any for generations.
Politics: 6 Sep 06Marita Ulvskog, party secretary for the Social Democrats, said Lars Leijonborg is "acting like a rapist who blames the victim.
Politics: 23 Jul 06Liberal leader Lars Leijonborg has confirmed that Fredrik Reinfeldt is the "obvious candidate" to be prime minister if the Alliance forms a government after the election.
Politics: 15 Apr 06Liberal Party leader Lars Leijonborg has proposed eight rules, coincidentally based on recent scandals linked to the Social Democrats, to prevent corruption among those in power.