Minister for Labor Market Issues Sven Otto Littorin of Sweden

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To that end, the government set out reforming a unemployment insurance program which Littorin described as all too generous.
Nevertheless, Littorin was candid regarding public reactions to many the reforms thus far.
30 Sven Otto Littorin is one of the young - but not new - faces in Swedish politics.
Littorin said that trade turnover between Azerbaijan and Sweden reached €15 million but needs increasing.
April 21 (EIRNS)--Inspired by neighboring Finland, which is going nuclear, Swedish Labor Minister Sven Otto Littorin said that Sweden's 1980 decision to "exit" nuclear technology must be reversed, the German paper Neues Deutschland reports today.
Back to listThe Honourable Sven Otto Littorin, Minister for Employment, The Moderate Party, Government of Sweden Sven Otto Littorin was appointed Minister for Employment in 2006, with a responsibility for achieving the governments key policies to encourage robust growth in the labour market while ensuring good working conditions.
Minister Littorin has held a number of distinguished political positions throughout his career, including that of Secretary General of the Moderate Party (2003-2006) and Chief of Staff to the Minister for Fiscal Affairs (1991-1993.
Minister Littorin has also held a number of positions in the private sector.
Minister Littorin received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration and Economics from Lund University, and holds an MBA from Fairfax University.
Commenting on his decision to remove the MBA reference from his CV that is also published on the government\'s official web site, Littorin said \'there are more important issues to discuss,\' adding that he wanted to discuss jobs and employment instead.
that he wanted to discuss jobs and employment instead.
It is so far unclear why Littorin has left his job, although there is speculation that he may be given a ministerial post in the new Alliance government, which will take office next week.
Sven-Otto Littorin has also played a major role in bringing the Moderates to power.
Labour minister Sven Otto Littorin has backed unions blockading a small salad bar in Gothenburg.
Sweden`s Labor Minister Sven Otto Littorin said on the sidelines of the forum that his country was interested in expanding economic relations with Azerbaijan.