Chief, Federal Department of Transportation, Communications, and Energy Moritz Leuenberger of Switzerland

Leuenberger was elected to the Federal Council on 27 September 1995 as a member of the Social Democratic Party (SPS/PSS) from the Canton of Zürich.
Since 1995, Leuenberger has headed the Federal Department of Environment, Transport, Energy and Communications (Environment and Communications were added to the name of the department in 1998.
international tax on carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions to fight global warming.
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During an interview on Arab television station Al Jazeera, Moritz Leuenberger said it would have been "more reasonable" to give Hamas a longer probation period in order to judge its viability as a political authority.
In the interview last month, Leuenberger said he believed that the Palestinian elections were "democratic", and that their result should "be accepted.
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Communications were added to the name of the department in 1998.
Leuenberger has been married to architect Gret Loewensberg since 2003.
ZURICH - Swiss Transport Minister Moritz Leuenberger is considering partially privatising the country's rail network in order to finance its development, he told a Swiss weekly published Sunday.
Leuenberger said there was not enough money in the public coffers to fund the network's future needs.
Asked by moderator Christine Maier about his blog, Leuenberger says that he is finding the experience inspiring an the reactions from readers often surprising.
Mr Leuenberger praised the sobriety and probity of the work of the IPCC which is regularly confronted with the individual interests of pressure groups and attempts to cast doubt on the man's responsibility for climate warming.
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Swiss President Moritz Leuenberger has paid homage to the United Nations for embodying hopes for global justice and solidarity.
Leuenberger said that was how he saw Switzerland's neutrality and its role within the UN.
Swiss President Moritz Leuenberger said Annan's "wonderful speech" had also touched on matters that concerned Switzerland, which should be resolved globally by the whole of the international community.
In his opening speech on Friday, Leuenberger said the tunnel was proof that "the will of the Swiss people can move mountains.
59 billion), but Leuenberger said the New Railway Links through the Alps (NRLA) project was about more than just making profits.
Leuenberger was joined in the rain at Visp, at the southern end of the construction, by around 1,200 guests, including European Union Transport Commissioner Jacques Barrot and German Transport Minister Wolfgang Tiefensee.
Moritz Leuenberger was born in Biel on 21 September 1946.
Moritz Leuenberger was elected to the National Council in 1979 and was a member of Zurich’s cantonal government from 1991 to 1995.
Moritz Leuenberger is married to the architect Gret Loewensberg, and has two sons.
Transport Minister Moritz Leuenberger has called for respect towards minorities and extolled the virtues of direct democracy.
Bern, Switzerland (Le Temps, Fre) - Swiss cabinet minister Moritz Leuenberger says expanding the rail system will be impossible without.
Transport Minister Moritz Leuenberger has called on striking railway workers to return to their jobs and indicated some proposed layoffs might be off the table.
Transport Minister Moritz Leuenberger says the cutbacks at the cargo division of the Swiss Federal Railways are unpleasant for workers but inevitable.