Permanent Representative to the UN, New York Peter Maurer of Switzerland

Ambassador Peter Maurer Peter Maurer is Switzerland's first Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the United Nations, assuming the position in September 2004, when Switzerland became the body's 190th member.
Peter Maurer is Switzerland's first Ambassador and permanent representative to the United Nations assuming the position in September 2004 when Switzerland became the body's 190th member.
Ambassador Maurer is a very young 50-years-old.
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Maurer joined the company in 1993.
Maurer said the DA20, priced at $125,000 for the basic aircraft, doesn't include a glass cockpit option.
The DA42 Twin Star Maurer said you get a lot for your money with Diamond's DA42 Twin Star, a twin diesel-powered aircraft priced at $439,000, which is "very well equipped with a Garmin G-1000 all-glass cockpit, autopilot and a premium leather interior.
The total amount of jet fuel consumed for the crossing, 72 gallons, cost less than $200! Maurer said the point-to-point travel time was considerably faster than any available commercial flight combination, illustrating the Twin Star's practicality, efficiency and reliability as a personal or business transportation alternative.
Maurer said in order for any OEM to manufacture all-composite planes, they have to be set up to do that.
Maurer said earlier reports indicating design changes made to the D-Jet's fuselage, allegedly causing delays, are false.
Maurer said Diamond customers have "heavy interest" in the D-Jet, and he believes it's going to be highly successful in the US.
Diamond's safety philosophy and chutesMaurer said a report of the current concept to include an airframe parachute system for the D-Jet is false.
Maurer is a firm believer that when pilots move up from those types of aircraft, providing low-stall speed, good low speeds and stable handling characteristics, combined with simple systems, sophisticated avionics with traffic collision avoidance, weather systems and a turbine engine, the aircraft will be much safer.
Maurer said there are more than 300 orders for the jet.
Switzerland joined the United Nations in September 2002 making it the 190th member, and Peter Maurer has been the Permanent Representative of Switzerland to the UN since 2004.
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According to our current on-line database, Peter Maurer has 2 students and 2 descendants.
In December, Peter Maurer was reimbursed $3 for the jacket for the stove and the sprinkler he purchased.
Henry Maurer was paid $10 in exchange for the two bookcases he provided, and John Block was reimbursed $7.
More improvements were made to Maurer School the following year: In June 1906, Peter Maurer was paid $12.
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Maurer had served since 2000 as Ambassador and Head of the Political Affairs Division IV (Human Security) in the Political Affairs Directorate of the Government of Switzerland, a post to which he had been appointed by the Federal Council.
Maurer joined the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs in 1987, training first in Bern and then in Pretoria.
Maurer is married, with two children.
Peter Maurer is the Ambassador to the United Nations for Switzerland.