Chief, Federal Department of Defense, Civil Protection, and Sports Samuel Schmid of Switzerland

English: Samuel Schmid was president of Switzerland in 2005 and is a member of the Swiss Federal Council.
Schmid was a member of the SVP's centrist/agrarian wing.
Schmid had been under considerable pressure over the past few months over his handling of army affairs.
Samuel Schmid is the chief Swiss official responsible for sports affairs, People's Daily Online also asked him for an assessment of China's preparatory efforts for the 2008 Olympics, as well as his expectations for this major event in Beijing.
Samuel Schmid was "deeply impressed" to witness the tremendous changes that have taken place in China during the interval.
Samuel Schmid has seen a large number of investments and signs of innovation.
Samuel Schmid is a member of the Swiss Federal Council, heading the Federal Department of Defence, Civil Protection and Sports; (born January 8, 1947.
Samuel Schmid: Quietly confident despite budget setbackBy Haig SimonianPublished: May 23 2005 14:58 | Last updated: May 23 2005 14:58Samuel Schmid has had an unenviable start as Switzerland’s president for this year.
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An emotional Samuel Schmid has held a media conference to explain his decision to quit the cabinet at the end of the year.
I am resigning for the sake of my health, family my country and the army," Schmid said in Bern on Wednesday.
Polemics and ungrounded polarisation do not belong in the political culture of this land," Schmid said toward the end of his remarks, attacking what he perceived as an ideological rigidity within the People's Party.
Born in 1947, Schmid is married and has three children.
Schmid had been torpedoed by his former party and didn't want to be the political whipping boy.
Green PartySchmid was no longer the right man for the job.
Schmid had been weakened by the resignations of the chief of staff, over a sex scandal, and the head of the air force, over a rafting accident in which five service people died.