Minister of Education Ali Sad of Syria

Sad is the plight of those who want to acquire you.
hej jel ima neko da napise svoj msn.
Novisad is the worse shithole in all of that gr8 shithole thats called serbia.
I don't agree with that comment Vasilis, I think Greek cities are awesome especially Thessaloniki and Athens.
Belgarde is our Athens and Novi Sad is our Thessoliniki.
Most people that visit Novi Sad and Belgrade will tell you that Novi Sad is the city to be in.
Nice galleries Ilias, Novi Sad is nowhere near as wonderful as Belgrade but some of the old town keeps the charp, the cathedral is beautiful inside and out, until I got there, I never noticed the many coloured patterns on the spire that are similar to St.
I want to say that Novi Sad is very pretty, I live in Monterrey Mexico and I visit this pag because my love live in this city her name is Jelena Milesevic and she visited Monterrey, Mexico Greetings to Novi Sad.