Ambassador to the US Imad Mustafa of Syria

Mustafa said he responded to the question with some history.
When asked about Syrian statements that indicate the country might be willing to make peace with Israel, Mustafa said that Syria was a realistic state, but continued to emphasise its support for the Palestinian cause.
Mustafa is not doing any good for those people he presents or try to recognize while he is in his current position.
The Syrian ambassador in Washington Imad Mustafa said after his meeting with the US secretary of state Colin Powell yesterday that the US " undoubtedly sends the wrong message " on the assassination of the spiritual leader of the "Hamas " movement Sheikh Ahmad Yassin, noting that the Arabs are questioning whether the US administration " regrets or is pleased over the assassination operation.
Mustafa said that Washington " undoubtedly is sending the wrong message " on the assassination of Sheikh Yassin.
to the US Imad Mustafa in a recorded statement aired by Army Radio on Monday.
not only with Syria, but also with the rest of the Arab world.
Mustafa is heard in the interview as saying.
Imad Mustafa said in an interview that they choose to recognise the two individual states, and will try to end the current disagreement between the two.
Asked if contacts among Sarkozy, the Israelis, and Americans are aimed at distancing Syria from Iran, Mustafa denies this and says: "They speak much, especially here in the United States, about attempts to distance Syria from Iran as if the problem in our region is Iran and as if it was Iran which destroyed Lebanon in the summer of 2006, occupied the Syrian Golan Heights, practised all sorts of oppression, repression, and killing against our Palestinian people, and possessed the largest nuclear arsenal in our region.
Mustafa described the relations between Damascus and Tehran as "excellent.
investigator Serge Brammertz praised Syrian cooperation in the investigation.
international Arabic daily Al Hayat (Sept.
not work with nations, especially Syria, Ambassador Mustafa was reported as saying.
14, Ambassador Mustafa said that in their Damascus talks Syria and the US.
redeployment is official and it will start on Tuesday.
imad mustafa has not added any videos to his channel.
Imad Mustafa is sworn in as Damascus faces diplomatic, other sanctions from Washington in face of sanctions.
Mustafa said the enemies of Lebanon were "those who wish that civil war break out in it," adding that the same foes "are instigating one Lebanese party against the other in the hopes that this would lead to an internal political strife; they are the ones who are turning Lebanon against its brethren and neighbors.
Mustafa said that the opposition’s aspirations are entirely Lebanese.
Mustafa said there was presently a "historic opportunity" to make peace not only with Syria and Lebanon, but also with the whole Arab world, since "we believe that Syria plays the role of the gatekeeper between Israel and the rest of the Arab world.
Mustafa said Damascus had the "will and the vision" for peace, and that "the onus is on the Israelis.
Mustafa said Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, at the beginning of his term, had not been interested in talks with Syria, but has now changed his position, "and we are very happy about this change in his position.
When asked why, if Mustafa was interested in reaching out to the Israeli public he did not talk to the Israeli public, but rather to an American Jewish organization, Nir said the Syrians have consistently seen any interview to the Israeli press as part of a normalization process that they believe comes after negotiations for the Golan Heights, not before or during them.
WASHINGTON: Syrian ambassador to the US Imad Mustafa urged on Friday the United States restrain Israel from attacking Lebanon and mediate an end to the violence that had erupted in the Middle East, The United States should play the role it had been playing in the past and undertake its responsibilities as a superpower and to impose on its ally, Israel, restraint, Mustafa said in an interview with a US television channel.
Mustafa is considered a senior diplomat and close confidante of Syrian President Bashar Assad.
Mustafa said the current Turkish-mediated talks were an "historic opportunity" for Israel to make peace not only with Syria, but also with the rest of the Arab world.
and to recognize each other, live as neighbors," Mustafa is heard in the interview as saying.
Mustafa said Syria's official position hasn't changed in the past 15 years.
An analyst speaking on Army Radio who personally knows Mustafa said the ambassador was a personal friend of the Syrian president, and that his statement was most likely coordinated with Assad, thus lending it the weight of the regime.
With that, Mustafa has made sure not to sit next to the Israeli diplomat in the studios, nor even in the makeup rooms.
Mustafa is a professor, a member of the scientific academy in Damascus, an educated and well mannered man, a personal friend and appointment of President Basher Assad.