Minister of Foreign Affairs Walid Mualem of Syria

Mualem was brought inshow a change of Syrian course.
According to IRNA, Mualem said his country is principally supporting restoration of the legitimate rights of the Palestinian nation.
One of the items in the British official’s briefcase for his meeting with president Bashar Asad and Mualem was a secret message from Israeli prime minister Ehud Olmert: an offer to start peace talks.
Meanwhile, Mualem met Friday with US.
Speaking in a television interview, Mualem said it was Rice who had asked for the meeting, and that the secretary of state told him that the US.
Beilin was responding to news reports that Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Mualem had said "The war in Lebanon has created a genuine opportunity for peace and for solving the problems of the region.
Mualem was quoted at the weekend as saying that although an opportunity had been created to deal with the Middle East conflict, he believed that the international community would fail to take advantage of the opportunity, as a result of Israeli pressure and American hegemony.
I believe that the opportunity will not be exploited and will wither, and the dangers in the area will increase," Mualem was quoted as saying.
of saving their territory on this issue.
been pursued under the leaderships of the two countries.
Mualem said that the solution must emerge from Iraq itself.
Mahmoud Abbas and Hamas political bureau leader Khaled Mashaal.
solution which will emerge from Iraq.
In an interview with The Washington Post, Mualem said the return of the Golan Heights would not be a precondition, nor did he refer to the traditional Syrian stance that talks resume at the same point at which they were stopped in the 1990s.
Foreign Minister Mualem said constructive dialogue has to start without preconditions, and he argued that peace talks between Israel and Syria would secure Israel's northern border because they would include a peace deal with Lebanon.
com) "If Israel is committed to a retreat to the June 4 lines and it is serious and has a will to make peace, there is nothing preventing a renewal of the talks," Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Mualem said Wednesday.
Mualem was speaking In a joint press conference with Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Motaki.
Jan 7 (Interfax) - Military operations cannot settle the conflict between Israel and Palestine, Russia's special presidential envoy, Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Saltanov and Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Mualem said in talks in Damascus.
Mualem said for his part that his country attaches special significance to relations with Iran which plays a key role in the region.
The day after they met, Mualem was handed a second warning by undersecretary of state David Welch, who specified precisely which Syrian movements the US government would deem crossing the Lebanese border.
Mualem expressed Syria’s interest in expansion of comprehensive ties with the Islamic Republic.
Mualem said they were pleased over the new prosecutor of the commission which the UN established to investigate the issue.
motivated and aimed at pressuring Syria.
line in the Oslo accord calls for another accord.
Mualem said regional problems as well as bilateral issues and situation in Iraq were reviewed at the visit.
Walid Mualem said the uranium may have been in the bombs that Israel used to target the site and claimed leaks last weekend by the diplomats about the traces found at the site were politically motivated and aimed at pressuring Syria.