Minister of National Defense Chao-min Chen of Taiwan

Chen says the Taiwanese military is suspending warplane training until all aircraft undergo thorough checks.
Ex-President Chen was shot at 2:30 p.
The report did not rule out the possibility that President Chen had stage-managed the shooting.
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Chen has entrusted me to file the suit with the Taipei District Court Tuesday, " said Hsu Kuo-yung, a former lawmaker of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) who is also a lawyer.
Lee Sush-der is currently secretary of the Taipei city government, with previous experience in the finance ministry, while Chen was a senior official in the air force.
The Ministry of National Defence is gaining a better understanding of the latest report on China's deployment of cutting- edge YJ-62A guided missiles along its southeast coasts, and we will take necessary measures to deal with this," Chen said at the Legislative Yuan.
When asked whether the YJ-62A deployment will affect the hard- earned recent advances in relations across the Taiwan Strait achieved since President Ma Ying-jeou took office in May this year, Chen said that the Chinese military may have started research and development of the advanced weapon systems long before.
Minister Chen said he hoped, with the Offices efforts, the armed forces historical pieces could be permanently preserved.
With regard to compiling historical information and translating information written in foreign languages, Minister Chen says attention should be paid to timeliness, research and revelation and reflection in order to enhance a books structural integrity.
Minister Chen praised the Office for introducing new books to the staff at their monthly meetings.
Minister Chen said he hoped the Office would periodically visit military units and hold regular events so that units of the brigade level and above would adequately preserve its precious historical pieces.
According to the official version, an assassin shot at Chen\'s jeep when Chen was campaigning in Tainan City, south Taiwan.
when Chen was campaigning in Tainan City, south Taiwan.
Chen was reluctant to endorse the bridge, saying national security must be paramount.
Speaking at a meeting at the Legislative Yuan Foreign Affairs and National Defense Committee, Chen said that the 25th Hankuang war games, which.