Minister of Transportation and Communications Chih-kuo Mao of Taiwan

Mao said MOD content will come in DVD format, and serve some 20,000 customers during its initial stage at data rates of at least three megabits per second (Mbps.
Asked by the press, Mao said the president had to refer the calls for help to the Taiwan Railway Administration, which finally made all 124 tickets available to those who called for help.
That's something harmful to the accepted order,” Mao said on Sunday.
Mao said China would also launch 18 reciprocal flights to the island.
Mao said the Chinese side will decide which other airports it plans to open for the cross-strait route in addition to the present four, opened for charter services during Chinese New Year and other major cross-strait holidays.
Mao said civilian agencies of the two sides - which represent respective sides to talk in the absence of formal channels - are in the last stage of the talks on cross-strait flights and holiday visits to Taiwan by Chinese tourists.
Mao said he hopes the operation of the weekend charters and holiday visits by Chinese tourists can be made at the same time in July, which he said would help boost Taiwan's tourism.