Minister of Justice Ching-feng Wang of Taiwan

Siew said Wang was a charitable entrepreneur as well.
Wang had done a lot of charity work for society, he said.
Legislator Chang Shuo-wen (張碩文), who was born in Yunlin County, said that Wang had tremendous contributions to the petroleum chemistry industry in Taiwan and in the world.
Wang has repeatedly stated her opposition to the death penalty.
I did not hit anyone, Wang said during a tearful tirade at a press conference.
Accompanied by his wife, who also cried at the press conference, Wang said he was only been trying to protect Taiwan's sovereignty and that Zhang's statement of no Taiwan independence, no war was extremely unfriendly and offensive to Taiwan.
Wang took an astonishing stance against the facts to rebut allegations leveled at prosecutors.
Asked at a Legislative Yuan committee meeting, Wang said she had talked to Chen Tsung-ming, procurator-general, about the safety of Tu, who was released on bail after the questioning by the Special Counsel Friday night.
Wang has been charged in absentia with murder (naval Captain Yin Ching-feng, believed to have been about to blow the whistle), corruption, money laundering and fraud.
being the age of 25, the county magistrate Wang found his ideal mate, Huang Yi-yi.
magistrate Wang has made this dream come true.
children, the county magistrate Wang is the nicest dad in the whole world.
The county magistrate Wang is going to end his tenure of office in 2001.
Incensed by a thriving sex industry that bought hundreds of girls into prostitution annually mostly Aborigines from Taiwans high mountain country Wang joined a handful of activists staging street protests, exhorting officials to raid brothels and lobbying lawmakers foraction.
Pointing to discrepancies based on a simulation of the event, Wang said the location of the two bullets found by police at the crime scene meant that they could not have caused the gunshot wound on Chen's abdomen.
Ex-Lafayette agent Andrew Wang has been accused of killing the former naval captain.
Wang is wanted for bribery and obtaining military secrets, and now a murder charge is added to the arrest order.
Andrew Wang was an agent of the Lafayette manufacturer, Thomson CSF, in Taiwan.
Wang fled Taiwan a few days after Yin's death in December 1993, and is reported to be living in the US and holding a US passport.
Wang is wanted for bribery and obtaining military secrets, and now a murder charge is added to the arrest order, " Lin said.
Wang has been under suspicion of involvement in Yin's murder.
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