Chairman, Atomic Energy Council Chun-hung Tsai of Taiwan

Chun-Hung Tsai is a section manager in the facilities department in the Electronics Research Service Organization, Industrial Technology Research Institute.
Tsai was one of the chief drafters of the Special state-to-state relations doctrine of President Lee Teng-hui.
In 2000, Tsai was given the high-profile appointment of chairperson of the Mainland Affairs Council.
Confirming the widely-held belief that she maintained pan-green sympathies, Tsai joined the Democratic Progressive Party in 2004.
On January 26, 2006, Tsai was appointed to the post of Vice President of the Executive Yuan, a position commonly referred to as Vice Premier.
Tsai took office on May 20, 2008, the same day Ma Ying-jeou was inaugurated as President.
Tsai has also vowed to weed out any and all corrupt members in the party and has set up a special internal investigative committee for the task.
Tsai has been impartial in light of Chen's acknowledgement.