Minister of Health Fang-yue Lin of Taiwan

Lin had justified the U-turn saying it was based on the US Food and Drug Administration's standards.
SAVE MONEY ON TRAVEL DEALS Lin said at a news conference that he decided to accept responsibility for the Department of Health's decision not to ban Chinese dairy imports after learning of possible contamination of the goods, the Taipei Times said Friday.
I should take responsibility", Lin said Thursday.
When asked about his future projects after May 20, Lin said that the health department will formulate plans to care for disadvantaged people.
As to the sensitive topic of Taiwan’s participation in the World Health Organization, Lin said that the country should accede to the organization, but when it comes to which name to apply under, he said that the DOH will follow instructions from the Executive Yuan and the Office of the President.
The Department of Health (DOH) will convene its first meeting today on the center’s establishment amid jitters about enterovirus after four deaths from the disease were reported, Lin said during a fact-finding trip to the southern county of Kaohsiung.
DOH officials will review the existing budget policy on enterovirus control and prevention, as well as discuss any possible new ways of curing the disease to which young children are prone, Lin said after visiting a pediatric ICU ward at Kaohsiung Chang Gung Memorial Hospital.
Lin was an old acquaintance of Ma Ying-Jeou and Yeh Jing-Chun (the would-be vice Secretary General of the President Office.
Lin is also presidents of the Taiwan Medicine Association and Taiwan Surgical Association.
Though Lin Fang-Yue was not involved in the planning of Ma’s health whitepaper for his president election campaign, Lin is believed to be able to carry on and enforce the NHI reform plan.
In a news conference in Taipei, Lin said he tendered his resignation to Premier Liu Chao-shiun to take the blame over the Health Ministry\'s decision to relax the inspection criteria in examining whether local foodstuffs have contained melamine-tainted ingredients imported from China.
Lin said the department had notified the Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection to ensure that the import of Sanlu products be prohibited.
Lin said education programs should also be implemented to help young people understand that there are many hurdles to overcome in life and that suicide is never the answer.
In the face of steadily rising suicide mortality rates and as suicide emerges as one of the Top 10 causes of death in Taiwan, Lin said a national center was inaugurated in December 2005 to pool resources and coordinate efforts for suicide prevention and related care.
Through the efforts of the National Suicide Prevention Center and the assistance of non-governmental organizations, Lin said the suicide mortality rate dropped to 17.
As suicidal people usually tell someone close to them about their intention, Lin said a publicity campaign has been launched to educate people that everyone is obliged to do his or her part in helping prevent suicide.
Lin said during a brief interview with CNA that he knows some TVGH staff are unhappy about his appointment as the first non-TVGH person to lead the hospital in its 50-year history.