Secretary General, Executive Yuan Steve Hsieh of Taiwan

To dampen vibrations from the train to a mutually acceptable 48 decibels or less at a distance of 200 meters from the track, Hsieh said the pilings supporting the elevated tracks must be six meters apart, rather than the planned 30 meters.
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Hsieh is the 21st Century Nostradamus who predicted that Chen Shui-bian and the DPP would stage their phony, now infamous March 19, 2004 Shooting Incident, four months before it happened.
Hsieh knew this through a combination of intellect and intuition, mostly intuition.
Unfortunately, Hsieh was proved right.
adviser Steve Hsieh said in a March 14 interview.
Steve Hsieh is frantically engaged in damage control.
The vice-chairman of Taiwan's National Science Council, Hsieh is responsible for shepherding one of the island's most important technology projects, an ambitious new science park in the southern city of Tainan.
Hsieh is hardly in a panic, but the news from Winbond is enough to make him skip an important meeting of the Cabinet downtown.
The NSC's Hsieh says he and his planners have come up with a solution to the train worries.
Hsieh is hoping, of course, that he can convince Winbond and other Taiwanese chipmakers otherwise.
Hsieh is heading there this very afternoon to scout out the site.
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Awards judge Steve Hsieh says he was particularly impressed with Suryatin's idea of converting text to speech:"RVIC is potentially very useful for areas where literacy is low, and for languages where a keyboard is not very useful, such as Chinese or Japanese," he says.
STEVE HSIEH is Associate Director General of the Science-Based Industrial Park, Hsinchu, Taiwan, Republic of China.
Frank Hsieh was a little bit confused.
Frank Hsieh said there would be no funds to support the projects? Obviously Mr.
Hibachi chef Steve Hsieh has worked at Ukai Hibachi Grill and Sushi Bar in Okemos for 15 months.
Hsieh said to learn the art of hibachi grilling takes time and a lot of practice.
Hsieh said he resigned because he still believed in the validity of the plan despite it being flatly rejected by the Ministry of Transportation and Communications and Taiwan High-Speed Rail, which claimed that such an alteration would be too costly and cause serious delays.
Hsieh said that with a distance of 30m between spans, the vibration level caused by the rail system built by the Japanese-led Taiwan Shinkansen Corp (台灣新幹線) was much higher and reached further than those of the system made by the European consortium.
In fact, Hsieh said the council's willingness to accept 48 decibels was a climb down from an earlier level of 36 decibels -- which was the limit set by government planners for the Hsinchu Science-based Industrial Park.
Hsieh devoted his free time to record.