Chairman, National Youth Commission Yu-ting Wang of Taiwan

All I wanted was to make a report to our party chairwoman, Wang said of his trip to Taipei.
Once there, Wang was confronted by a score of men he said were like mobsters.
Asked whether he staged his own abduction, Wang said he would quit politics if he did.
Wang said that after discussing the offer with her mother, with whom she lives, she decided to accept the challenge.
Wang said she made a sightseeing trip to the historical Angkor Wat, Cambodia in March and had planned to tour Europe, starting April, as part of her objective to slow down and reflect after having worked non-stop for nearly 10 years.
in Beijing - Ma Han-Jing and Wang Pei-Shen.
So Master Wang had the idea for a short form.
So Master Wang took the next step of breaking apart the 37 non-repeating postures in Taiji Quan form into their 178 individual movements.