Prosecutor General Bobojon Bobokhonov of Tajikistan

As far as Bobokhonov is concerned, Atovulloyev, in his writings, smear the Tajik people and Tajik state.
and that chief prosecutor Bobokhonov is making a state criminal case of the civil charges that have been filed in London and BVI, linking them to allegations of sedition and plots against Rahmon.
Mr Bobokhonov said more than 3,000 weapons, including pistols, automatic rifles and grenades, were found in holding cells for prisoners at the drug agency and that an anti-aircraft missile had also been recovered at a farm owned by Gen Mirzoyev.
Bobokhonov said that authorities arrested Iskandarov on April 22, but provided no details on where he was taken into custody.
Speaking to journalists yesterday, prosecutor general Bobojon Bobokhonov said corruption has permeated all levels of the executive power in Tajikistan.
From BBC Monitoring International Reports) Tajik Prosecutor-General Bobojon Bobokhonov has called on his colleagues in CIS states to prevent violations of the rights of Tajikistan's citizens in their countries.
In an interview with Tajik TV's "Tojikiston" weekly news programme on 14 September Bobokhonov said that at the Bishkek meeting of the Shanghai Cooperation Oranization (SCO) and CIS member states' prosecutors on.
Tajik Prosecutor General Bobojon Bobokhonov said no charges had yet been laid against Lt Gen Mirzoyev.
that to the rise in prices of these goods.
Prosecutor-General's Office is unwilling to hand him over.
antigovernment forces in Uzbekistan in 1998.
Tajik Prosecutor-General Bobojon Bobokhonov said that the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan , classified by some countries as a terrorist organisation, was involved in setting off an explosion near the building of the Tajik emergencies ministry on 13 June 2005.
Commenting on investigations into the killing of the commander of the OMON , Police Col Oleg Zakharchenko, who was killed in eastern Tajikistan on 2 February this year, Bobojon Bobokhonov said that "the identity of the killer has been identified.
Iskandarov will answer for criminal offences,” Bobokhonov said at his press conference.
Bobokhonov says part of the extradition deal with Russia included a pledge not to execute Salimov.
Bobokhonov said only that Iskandarov was officially placed under arrest on 22 April.
On Friday, Bobokhonov said authorities were investigating Mirzoyev's possible involvement in the 1998 death of Tajik police official at the presidential guard offices.
Mirzoyev also allegedly illegally imported a helicopter from Russia that Bobokhonov said was used for transportation to and from Afghanistan instead of a state-owned aircraft, and had earned Mirzoyev some $660,000 for which he hadn't paid taxes.
Shortly after Iskandarov was detained in Moscow, Tajik Prosecutor-General Bobojon Bobokhonov said the Democratic Party leader faces serious charges.
Rahmatullo Zoirov, the leader of the opposition Social Democratic Party of Tajikistan, says Prosecutor-General Bobojon Bobokhonov has warned him that he may faces charges if he cannot provide proof to support his assertion that there are 1,000 political prisoners in Tajikistan.