Minister of Health Nusratullo Salimov of Tajikistan

2008: According to the Tajikistans President instruction Tajikistans Health Ministry Nusratullo Salimov took part in a summing-up meeting of local authorities of Nurobod rayon.
The Health Ministry RT Nusratullo Salimov has addressed on achievements, problems and faults existing in the field of rural economy.
We will recall that Health Minister Nusratullo Salimov was in Cairo, Egypt from June 2 to June 7 for a weeklong series of discussions with Egyptian health authorities on how to expand bilateral cooperation between Tajikistan and Egypt in the field of health care.
Salimov said that official figures represent the existing TB situation in the country (ASIA-Plus, 7/28.
Salimov said that Tajikistan welcomes cooperation with Iran's Health Ministry to eradicate diseases in his country.