Minister of Infrastructure Development Andrew John Chenge of Tanzania

Andrew John Chenge is Tanzanian politician and a Member of Parliament in the National Assembly of Tanzania.
Andrew Chenge was forced to resign as Minister of Infrastructure Development in April 2008, over allegations concerning an offshore bank account in Jersey.
Beleaguered Infrastructure Development minister Andrew John Chenge has resigned.
Chenge has been under a barrage of scathing attacks from an array of quarters in recent days over the staggering 1.
Reports on the said account were brought to light by the highly rated British newspaper The Guardian while Chenge was on President Kikwete`s entourage on official visits to India and China.
However, my happiness didnt last long as in the past week, to my shock, I heard that Chenge had finally decided to throw in the towel and resign.
FORMER cabinet minister Andrew Chenge, who was recently forced to resign over corruption allegations stemming from the military radar purchase scandal, has been linked to a local bank account in Dar es Salaam with a staggering $13m (approx.