Minister of Defense and National Service Hussein Mwinyi of Tanzania

Dr Mwinyi said investigations into the aerial patrol chopper crash had started and the results would be released after the probe team hands over their findings to the Government.
Dr Mwinyi said this while winding up debate for his ministry’s estimates in response to recent reports in the media that soldiers who were in uniforms should pay fare.
Mwinyi said the four countries would join with the Comoros union army for the operation against Bacar’s 300-member gendarmerie.
This would be the first such military operation by the African Union, andMwinyi said Bacar is to blame for the upcoming military operation against his government.
Unlike past military operations, Mwinyi said the African Union has the necessary logistics to conduct the Anjouan operation.
Mwinyi said the military option, though a policy of the African Union is always the last resort and would not be limited to Anjouan.
Dr Mwinyi said that once the talks bear fruit, distribution of the life prolonging drugs would start in hospitals.
On May 23, 2005, Tanzania’s assistant minister for health Hussein Mwinyi said the danger was “great”; “the situation could get worse if the trend is left unchecked.
Dr Mwinyi said malaria was an endemic that has a devastating impact on the country`s economy as many working people die due to parasite infection, stressing that Tanzania was taking a lead in ensuring that patients had access to proper medicine.
Mwinyi said no patient had died because of the strike.
Attributing the increase to poverty, malnutrition, population growth and the spread of HIV/AIDS, Mwinyi said the government has taken measures to curb the spread of TB.
Minister Mwinyi said most of the Tanzanian troops to serve in Darfur would be from the infantry unit, and would join their counterparts from other countries, including Rwanda, who have done duty in the region for a number of months.
On Somalia, Dr Mwinyi said the TPDF had offered to train soldiers from the countries that have pledged to contribute troops to the peacekeeping force.
Dr Mwinyi said the probe team had been given ample time to come up with comprehensive results aimed at preventing similar incidents from recurring in the future.