Minister of Lands and Human Settlement Development John Chiligati of Tanzania

CCM national publicity secretary John Chiligati said the decision was arrived at a meeting of the party's National Executive Committee and its members of Parliament yesterday in Dodoma.
Mr Chiligati said the meeting gave opportunity to members to raise pertinent issues of their party's interest.
Mr Chiligati said that CUF had not yet indicated their party's line of agreement and disagreement on the suggestions.
Mr Chiligati said yesterday that Tanzania was still an icon of peace and security with in the region.
Moving his ministry’s budget proposals for 2008/09 financial year, Mr Chiligati said Tanzanian officials have consulted their counterparts in Mozambique and Zambia over the issue.
Mr Chiligati said the government would continue surveying land in villages and issue title-deeds under customary law.
John Zefania Chiligati is a Tanzanian politician and a Member of Parliament in the National Assembly of Tanzania.
After serving as a deputy minister, Chiligati was promoted to the position of Minister of Home Affairs in the Cabinet named by President Jakaya Kikwete on January 4, 2006.
However, CCM ideology and publicity secretary John Chiligati said it was "not right" to make any judgements before complete police investigations.
Mr Chiligati said only full police investigations would establish the underlying causes of the strikes.
for time to make necessary preparations.
raised Tsh 30 billion (about $25 million) in 2006/07.
Lands, Housing and Human Settlements Development John Chiligati said this over the weekend at a meeting with employees of the National Housing Corporation in Dar es Salaam.
Chiligati said the bill endeavoured to ensure that each person earned from the land they own no matter how small it may be.
Chiligati said the country needed 156 prisons against the present 122, a deficit of 34 facilities.
Chiligati said the government spent, on average, 2,500 Tanzania shillings (about US $2) to feed one inmate daily.
Minister for Home Affairs Capt John Chiligati said in a statement the President had also pardoned prisoners aged 70 years, pregnant and lactating mothers.
Chiligati said issue was raised in the Tanzanian parliament on Wednesday by a member who wanted to know what the government was doing about the Somali Bantus who have been living in Tanga region.
Although the government had not received any applications for citizenship from the refugees whose number had since increased to at least 3,000, Chiligati said they were welcome to apply.
CCM publicity and ideology secretary John Chiligati said yesterday official reports on the scandal had proved that the party was not involved in stealing money from the Bank of Tanzania.
Chiligati said people should appreciate President Kikwete's efforts that have seen over 76 percent of the money recovered.
Mr Chiligati said the businessman did so because of his belief that CCM could enable a positive development.
The trade union congress of Tanzania (Tucta) secretary general Nestory Ngulla, (pictured) said by suspending the new salaries, Minister John Chiligati had stabbed them in the back.
Chiligati said the scales of salaries for the private sector would henceforth be reviewed parallel with civil servants' wages.
police that they have not been involved in any criminal activities.