Minister of Livestock Development and Fisheries John Magufuli of Tanzania

Mr Magufuli said his ministry would not tolerate corruption and put on notice officials who will be found colluding with foreign vessels to cheat, especially in the Indian Ocean.
Livestock Development and Fisheries minister John Magufuli has warned ministry officials over the misuse of projects funds.
Livestock and Fishing Minister John Magufuli said when presenting a statement in the House that the government would use military vessels to curb illegal fishing done by foreign firms.
Mr Magufuli said the government has decided to clarify and review some controversies in the earlier circular to clear some of the doubts that had begun to surface.
Mr Magufuli said use of oxygen and diving gear for those licensed dealing in ornamental fish, marine tourism and scientists doing research was allowed.
Mr Magufuli said although studies show that number of octopus in the sea has significantly declined, small-scale fishermen were still allowed to catch the sea creatures.
The ministry and the navy will launch a joint operation to net all the illegal vessels and use force if necessary to rein in illegal fish harvesting and trawling, Mr Magufuli said at a press conference in Dar es Salaam.
Mr Magufuli said the Government has decided to cancel licences held by 69 registered foreign fishing vessels operating in the Indian Ocean as part of efforts to control unregulated fishing in Tanzanian waters and increase revenue in the form of licence fees.
Mr Magufuli said every year SADC countries lost $1 billion (Sh1.
Announcing the new rates the Minister for Livestock Development and Fisheries John Magufuli said foreign Pursen seiner vessels would now be paying USD 12,000 for three months or USD 5,000 per month instead of USD 16,000 they were paying per year.
Magufuli said foreign long liner crafts would be charged USD 32,000 per year or USD 3,500 per month instead of USD 16,000 they were paying per year.
Mr Magufuli said the formation of DSA was in line with the agreement signed at the conference where the delegates resolved to join hands in combating (IUU) fishing activities.
Minister Magufuli said the recent detailed quantitative analysis of the problem on a global scale indicate that losses for sub-Saharan Africa total over 7 billion US dollars (about 8.
Magufuli said a research conducted by the Tanzania Fishery Research Institute (Tafiri) on the availability of fish and destruction of environment found out that the number of sea products had been decreasing.
Mr Magufuli said he would rather have the stadium serve as a museum, training ground for members of the People's Militia (mgambo) or business site for small-scale traders.
Sumve MP Richard Ndassa said Mr Magufuli was misguided as the RCC meeting had the final say on the fate of the stadium.
Magufuli was also said to have also pressurised the TBA to sell a unit at the Kinondoni Flats, to his nephew after arranging short-term employment for him at TANROADS.